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Top 3 business reasons to consider SAP C/4 HANA for your Customer Experience strategy

Jan 9, 2020 | Commerce Cloud, Marketing cloud, Product content management, SAP CX

SAP is often referred to as a large software provider delivering enterprise software to manage business operations. Although this is true, SAP has transformed over the last two decades into a company delivering more than a market leading ERP solution. Nowadays, SAP is also leading in the digital customer experience management industry, supporting some of the largest vendors in the world with Customer Experience solutions and expertise.

There are many reasons why SAP’s C/4 HANA should be considered when designing the Customer Experience strategy for your company, however in many cases the business reasons are overshadowed by motivation regarding costs and technical impact. Today, I’d like to focus on the business side of SAP’s C/4 HANA solutions, here is my top 3 to consider C/4 HANA:


The C4/HANA suite is built on industry leading products, SAP has focused to be #1 in each of the 5 domains:

  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Customer Data Management

This requirement made it necessary for each of the individual products to be able to compete in the market. For example, SAP Commerce Cloud on itself is (and has been for many years) the leading e-Commerce platform in the market. If your company has a ‘best-of-breed’ approach, don’t worry! Each of the products is best of breed, however when combined it becomes even more powerful as a suite.


SAP C/4 HANA is more than just a collection of best-of-breed products. The goal of SAP Product Management is very clear: create a unified suite of cloud solutions with the end customer in mind. Seamless handling of customer data between SAP Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud & Service Cloud ensures the best customer experience at any time.

A strategic focus on end-to-end processes between products has also created a suite which allows business users between different departments to collaborate effectively.


SAP is the only vendor in the market that can combine Experience data (X-Data) with Operational data (O-Data). SAP has acquired Qualtrics to be able to create this combination of X&O data. At Sapphire in May 2019 Ryan Smith, the founder of Qualtrics, said the following:

We live in the experience economy where organizations are either intentionally racing to the top or unknowingly racing to the bottom, the difference between the companies that will win is they understand how X-data and O-data work together to tell the story of what is happening in an organization, why it’s happening and how to act in real time to deliver breakthrough business results.”

This is a real gamechanger for companies that truly have customer experience at their hearts. Creating meaningful customer experiences can only be achieved when having a full & clear picture of the customer.

Thanks for reading my top 3 to consider C/4 HANA for your Customer experience strategy. Let us know what you think about the SAP C/4 HANA suite.

written by:
Aroen Sharma

Managing partner, Elision

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