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Content is King!

Jan 28, 2020 | Product content management, SAP CX

‘Content is King’, This well-known expression is a true thing though…. 

Especially with a B2B environment. Although huge steps are taken to compete with the leading examples from the B2C world, the crucial step to structure content is often skipped. 

Practice tells us that B2B companies still treat their e-commerce sites as an online catalog for products and services which doesn’t help to optimize customer experience (CX). To focus on CX and to meet the specific demands of a B2B customer, structured data is quite of essence as B2B product content can be very complex. 

Its main challenge is to manage product information in many categories, types and combinations of products. Making it easy for users to search ánd find what they need, neatly displayed in a list and preferably with suggestions for alternatives or related products. 

In order to meet the desired B2C shopping experience and become a content king; accurate, consistent and relevant product information is essential.

First step is to retrieve all information from different departments and out of the heads of employees and load that into a centralized Product Content Management system (PCM). As it will not only help in structuring data, it also contributes to enriching data into useful information and to monitor the quality of the data. 

If this essential base is right and the PCM is properly managed, you have conquered one of the biggest challenges in B2B commerce and fulfilled the prerequisite to focus on the next step; user experience. 

Stay tuned for our next blog: “Increased focus on user experience in B2B market” 

written by:

Tineke Huizenga

CX Consultant, Elision

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