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How to create a competitive advantage as a B2B company?

Feb 21, 2020 | Marketing cloud, SAP CX

Easy – focus on the optimal customer experience!

The careful reader of our previous blog “Content is king” already learned that centralizing product information is the first step on the road to successful B2B e-commerce.

Which step do you need to take next in order to keep up with the growing customer expectations?

Providing the optimal customer experience plays a crucial role here and it is important to understand that digital has shifted to top priority in the corporate procurement process. Especially if it comes to gathering information and identifying the right product.

Customer Experience: Result of all the interactions that a customer has with the supplier

It means that traditional B2B touchpoints as email and telemarketing might not be sufficient or adequate anymore. It won’t be long before these methods are replaced by online communities, social media and a corporate website. As purchasers are consumers as well and participating in the B2C market every day. Setting their expectations as such too. Want to check order status online. Have direct contact. Find sufficient online information.

In order to achieve this, data needs to be available in more places and being fed from more departments.  All vital customer information is centralized and linked. Contact info, complaints, reviews, order- and return history – just an example of all the interactions that needs to be documented.

As this is often not the case, B2B customers are responsible for making connections between all information available and does the organization lack comprehensive understanding of the customer.

Incomplete user profiles also result in sending generic information. “Shooting with hail” is not the best option if we want to draw the customers attention.
A centralized system tells you what the customer is looking at, where it requests quotes for or what he reviews in a positive or even negative way. This will help to tailor made offerings and insights.
Giving the customer the idea he is seen and understood which contributes to a higher customer experience.

Finally, anno 2020 companies cannot ignore communication channels as video, chat and instant messaging such as WhatsApp. As it is quick and personal. Exactly how a customer, regardless of B2C or B2B,  wants to be approached.

written by:

Tineke Huizenga

CX Consultant, Elision

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