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SAP Commerce Cloud roadmap update: explore the SAP commerce possibilities

May 29, 2020 | Commerce Cloud, SAP CX

The SAP Cloud commerce platform is constantly evolving, and this is managed in form of releases. Typically, SAP Commerce Cloud roadmap update covers three dimensions vis-à-vis: recent innovations, planned innovations and outlook. Each of these dimensions covers five topic areas which are:

  • Core commerce
  • Spartacus store front
  • Context-Driven Services
  • SAP Integrations
  • Cloud Automation

Primarily, the focus of this blog is to highlights the core commerce functionalities in recent innovations.

SAP Commerce Roadmap update
Copyright: SAP SE 2020

Core Commerce Recent Innovations

Release 1905 captured the core commerce recent innovations for SAP Commerce on-premise and SAP Commerce Cloud, with a planned annual release cadence. The core commerce product domain recent innovations include the following:

Commerce modules

  • SmartEdit support for Spartacus storefront
  • SmartEdit – content workflows
  • SmartEdit – support for Email content
  • Promotion Engine enhancements

Backoffice Framework

  • User Interface Language Chooser

SmartEdit Support for Spartacus Storefront: SmartEdit is used to manage content in the Spartacus Commerce Storefront, edit components, restrictions, pages and content slots. It enables the release of new content to your customers at the click of a button. It is possible to display new content in different inflection points and languages as well as review your site as it will appear to customers at future dates. Spactacus Commerce Storefront can be previewed on-the-fly and independently managing Spartacus Commerce Storefront content can be done without having to rely on the IT department to implement the desired updates. SmartEdit can be used to provide relevant, personalized and exceptional experiences in the Spartacus Commerce Storefront.

Workflow in SmartEdit: Teams can collaborate through workflows by streamlining the tasks around creating, reviewing and publishing content. It provides better control and visibility around processes towards preparing and publishing content. It ensures that the customer experience across all channels is contextual, consistent and relevant.

Email support in SmartEdit: With SmartEdit, content for transactions emails can be managed, such as order confirmation and forgot password. The same template can be used to curate multiple emails allowing content managers greater flexibility without relying on the IT department to modify the templates. It is also possible tomanage email content in multiple languages.

Backoffice User Interface Language Chooser: The Language chooser is in the Backoffice system bar and available across all Backoffice applications.  It gives full control over User Interface and Data Languages – decide what data languages should be displayed and which user interface language should be used. User specific language access is considered, the data language chooser only displays the entries a user has read permissions for.

Conclusion: Updates on planned innovations and outlook will be shared via our blog posts, as they are made available by the SAP Commerce Cloud platform, stay tuned because we will soon release our take on the SAP Commerce & Marketing 2005 release!

written by:

Abidemi Olatunbosun

CPI Consultant, Elision

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