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SAP Marketing Cloud Release 2005 and roadmap: explore the SAP marketing possibilities

Jun 12, 2020 | Marketing cloud, SAP CX

A rewarding customer experience journey has become ever important, as customers and brands embrace the emerging new normal. To make the customer experience worthwhile, innovations from the new SAP Marketing Cloud Release 2005 helps brands deliver rewarding moments with their customers. Features available in the new release, create room for users and technical consultants to customize SAP Marketing Cloud to deliver multi-faceted B2B relationship, as well as cross-channel experience capabilities with multi-channel campaigns. The SAP Marketing Cloud Release 2005 update covers areas below:

  • Dynamic Customer Profiling and Segmentation
  • Campaign and Journey Orchestration
  • Lead- and Account-Based Marketing
  • Marketing Planning and Performance
  • Extensibility/UI

Key highlights and new functionalities of this release are further discussed below.

written by:

Abidemi Olatunbosun

CPI Consultant, Elision

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Highlights of what is new in SAP Marketing Cloud Release 2005

Release 2005 captures recent innovations for SAP Marketing Cloud, with a planned periodic release cadence. New features available in the release are highlighted below:

Dynamic Customer Profiling and Segmentation

  • Interaction Details for Business Users
  • Extraction of mass data based on CDS Views
  • Data File Load App now supports Permissions & Subscriptions and checks Marketing Areas
  • Segment on Most Recent or Frequently Visited Marketing Locations
  • Where-Used Feature for Individual Segmentation Attributes

Campaign and Journey Orchestration

  • Multichannel Campaign – Combine External Campaigns with Direct Campaigns
  • E-Mail Inbox Previews with Litmus
  • Preview Text in Email Lite
  • Content Block for Products in Email Lite
  • Forms – Capture Interaction Attributes
  • Forms – Improve Landing Page Security with Captcha

Lead- and Account-Based Marketing

  • Integration of Business Partner from Cloud for Customer

Marketing planning and performance

  • Color-Code Objects in the Marketing Calendar
  • Filter on Campaign Spend Item in the Marketing Calendar
  • Custom Conditions for Marketing Approval Requests
  • Monitor Data Exchange Messages for Spend Planning Integration with SAP ERP


  • Embedding External Content Using Key User Adaptation Tool
  • Side Navigation

As there are possibilities to explore the new features and capabilities in release 2005, one of the very useful features for data upload is briefly looked into below.

New Data File Load App: Release 2005 enables an easy way of loading flat files for contact, corporate account, interactions, product categories, products, and (new with 2005 release) permissions and subscriptions.

The benefits of the new app/feature include:

  • Field mapping and preview of rows.
  • Fast turnaround with file validation.
  • Safety net based on check of marketing areas of the user.
  • Field mappings are proposed based on the attribute name of the imported file.
  • Mappings of a file with same sequence of source attribute columns get past mapping proposed.
  • Template files (csv or xlsx) contain all fields of object incl. extension fields.
  • Target Attribute drop-down includes all selection fields for the object, incl. extension fields.
  • Validation of file immediately shows missing configurations or incorrect data.
  • New with 2005 release: Loaded data is checked against marketing areas of the user, only records assigned to marketing areas in user profile are loaded.

For your business use cases, we can support you to maximize the use of these new features in your current and future projects. Updates on new releases will be shared via our blog posts, as they are made available by the SAP!