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Upscale Commerce: Code-free Commerce deployment in days

Oct 30, 2020 | SAP CX

With years of experience in different flavors of commerce in multiple verticals and industries, SAP has built the most complete commerce suite within the marketplace with SAP Commerce Cloud.
For customers that don’t need all of the features and extensibility options of the Commerce Cloud, SAP has introduced a new solution: SAP Upscale Commerce. Are you looking for a solution to quickly build & deploy a mobile-first commerce solution? Upscale commerce is the perfect fit for you. 

You can launch new products and test markets and pop-up stores with intuitive mobile apps and progressive Web stores optimized for mobile, Web, tablet, and desktop devices. 

The key benefits of the Upscale Commerce solution are: 


  • Fast to build & Deploy:
    Upscale is delivered with four different ‘Starter stores’, which makes it very easy and quick to setup the new commerce store.
    With drag & drop tools, you are able to build beautiful storefronts in minutes, without having to code a single line.  
  • Flexibility:
    You are not limited to the use of the delivered Starter-stores, Upscale is fully API Driven, so you can build your own experience layer on top of the Upscale API’s and microservices.
    You can choose to either build and deploy the solution as a standalone solution or deploy it as extension of the existing Commerce Cloud solution. 
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence
    SAP Upscale Commerce automatically learns what drives sales and profits. The “mobigram” – an AI-powered personal storefront – dynamically optimizes the product assortment for each visitor. It allows customers to enjoy uniquely engaging shopping experiences while maximizing profitability and sales for the brand or retailer. 

Interested in SAP Upscale Commerce? Want to know more about our experiences or want a product demo? Get in touch with us! 

written by:

Aroen Sharma

Managing partner, Elision

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