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How Personalization can boost your (online) sales

Nov 17, 2020 | Commerce Cloud, Experience Management, Marketing cloud, SAP CX

Synergy between SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing


Before starting as a CX consultant at Elision, I have had some valuable experience as an Ecommerce Manager – B2B and B2C.

My major focus point was, obviously, SAP Commerce. As that is the tool to shape the online experience to your need. Using features as advanced product catalog systems, filtering and search options and easy to configure storefronts. Anything I could possibly need to run my store.

However, running a store is not totally about easy and optimized check-out processes and intuitive navigation. It should be about the customer.

That was the case then and it is even more now; within a world where Covid-19 has changed our way of living ánd shopping.


Synergy between SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing

The Webshop Manager

In the early days, when an E-commerce manager was ‘only’ a webshop manager and all the current technical integrations didn’t even exist; dressing up your storefront was based on the brick and mortar way of running a business. It had to look nice and appealing, so a lot of design work was focused on branding your storefront. “This is us”.

Along the way we discovered that there should be more to that and online marketing was born. What can we do to attract customers to our site? We started to measure paths and clicks. Heatmaps. Analytics. It gave us better insight in who our customers are, but it was hard to change the shop to each individual need.

Then I learned about SAP Marketing and a lot of struggles of matching a shop to your customer can be resolved. It is actually possible to personalize your offerings. Not only the storefront, but product recommendations, search options and banners too. And with the use of SAP Marketing it is even possible to target customers with customized email messages, push notifications, Facebook campaigns and Google Ads.

No more shooting with hail, but targeting your customer directly. Very efficient, effective and reducing costs.


How does it work?

It all starts with experience and interaction data. What is your customer doing on your website?

Did he create an account? Which categories is he browsing? What is added to a shopping cart? Purchased? Products shared via Social Media? Does he open emails? Did he create an account?

Bottomline: What is the Customer Journey Insight over time and over various channels.


Based on these interactions you can create target groups within SAP Marketing. Needless to say that not only interaction data results in a target group; but personal and geographical data can be contributors as well.

All these transactions are stored within SAP Marketing – the Golden Record. All data from different origins is stored within one contact record, the backbone of SAP Marketing.


A brief example:

You have a customer who is highly interested in dresses. You can tell as there are interactions like Product views, Add products to basket, Check-out successful, Product Shared. She clicks through on emails with dresses as a subject.

Based on that information, you can use your storefront to show her your master pieces. Use a banner to tell her there is new stock available on previously watched items. Send her an email tailored on dresses. Knowing she is interested in maxi dresses, show her some maxi skirts as well to broaden her interest. Use personalized promotions. When she visits your retail store? Send a push notification with a promotion; or just welcome her!

Engage her, improve her customer experience and she definitely will come back.


According to SAP:

Personalization provides an integrated, user-friendly way of building experiences that are relevant to your customers, which is key to driving engagement and conversion.

Personalization capabilities work across both content and commerce in an integrated way, so that you can build customer experiences consistently across channels. The modules allow you to create customizations targeted at specific users, add personalized promotions and extend the functionality to integrate personalization with other systems

Read more on the SAP Customer Experience page

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written by:

Tineke Huizenga

CX Consultant, Elision

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