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A new year ahead

Jan 15, 2021 | Company news

2020. It has been a remarkable year for sure.


The Covid pandemic has impacted every industry, some harder than others. It also accelerated the growth of B2B E-commerce and exposed the flaws of current Commerce platforms. Due to the continued social distancing, customers can not have face-2-face interactions with sales reps and expect an excellent digital experience with full availability of products and services.

As Deloitte stated in their B2B Channel evolution report, B2B E-Commerce provides a sustainable response to Covid-19 and other pandemics in the future and can turn a crisis into an opportunity for organizations.

Al lot of organizations already have successfully transformed their organizations and Elision is proud of the record number of successful projects in 2020 (read more about our projects here). The success is due to the quick adaptability of our customers and employees and the resilience to strive to a common goal, while working full-digital.

This year we will continue our growth in team, expertise and in close collaboration with SAP and SAP’s CX solutions to help organizations to make the necessary transformation to be prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.


We are ready. Are you?

written by:

Olivier Tahey

Business Development Manager, Elision

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