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SAP Commerce (cloud):

B2B & B2C Omnichannel Suite

Meet customer expectations and deliver great buying experiences that build brand loyalty. Elision believes that responding quickly to changing market conditions is essential. Offer your customers personal and relevant information about your products and services.

This gives them a reason to come back more often.Ensure a consistent commercial experience through every channel; from mobile devices to social networks and from contact centers to stores. Increase your return through continuous innovation and support the management and execution of omnichannel orders.

Elision believes that a trading solution should be scalable and expandable in its core architecture. This means that the platform can grow with the success of your brand and process more requests and transactions. A generic master data model is also created from the start of the project to allow additional markets, functionality and contact points at any time.


SAP has been the market leader in trading platforms for many years. The latest SAP Commerce solution distinguishes itself by the great degree of flexibility: from the smallest market to the largest company, from rapid implementation in just a few days to a perfect fit for every business model – B2C, B2B and B2B2C – and in all sectors and markets.

Based on Cloud native architecture, the SAP Commerce Cloud solution is open, connected and API first, allowing you to expand quickly with an agile microservices architecture.

  • Web & Product Content combined in a single solution
  • Fully Responsive, multi device & future proof
  • Advanced Search & Filter capabilities
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Availability
  • Portal functionality
  • Full Order history
  • Manage ‘My Account’
  • Rich Product Specifications, including Documents & Video

This overview gives you a clear understanding of the SAP Commerce Cloud releases from version 5.0 till 1905:

FUnCTIONAL HIGHLIGHT: FUlly responsive, multi device & future proof

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