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SAP Customer experience portfolio


The Future of Business Has Feelings: SAP Customer Experience”.

SAP Customer Experience brings together customer data, experiential and operational data, and the power of intelligent technologies across sales, marketing, commerce, and service to deliver engaging and trusted experiences.

These solutions help customers enjoy a consistent and personalized experience across every channel and on every device. It doesn’t matter where they are in their journey: with SAP Customer Experience, you can leverage real-time customer and industry data to make sure their experience is always personal and relevant to that particular moment.

Although specialised in SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud and Qualtrics Experience Management, Elision can provide your company with integration and setup of the entire SAP Customer experience portfolio. Elision has partnerships with specialists in the SAP: Sales and Service domains. Read more on our partnerships here.

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Differentiate commerce experiences, speed your time-to-value, and reduce your total cost of ownership to win business and build loyalty.

A commerce platform enables you to take the reins of the numerous options available (content management for products, order management, etc.) and meet the constant stream of new needs with a high degree of agility – be it B2B, B2C, or B2B2C.

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Fulfill the promise of CRM by activating customer data, engaging with speed and intelligence, and optimizing marketing to drive growth and revenue with SAP Marketing Cloud

Get away from mass e-mails and non-personalized offers. Accompany your customers along their individual journey and discover what it is that moves your (future) customers. You’ll obtain a real-time 360° view of customers and be able to identify your contacts via specific selection criteria for future instances of customer contact. You’ll be able to develop exciting business opportunities and implement intelligent marketing measures.

You can find more details, a roadmap and interesting customer experiences by clicking the button below.


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Enhance your sales reps’ day-to-day work experience, while improving customer experiences and accelerating the buying process

Optimize your sales by always having your customer data and analyses at hand via customer cockpits that enable you to gather the customer data you need in just a few quick clicks. Benefit from sales reports, which you configure, as well as from having mobile access to all data over the Internet.


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Orchestrate seamless service experiences to support your customers throughout their entire journey.

Customer service in the 21st Century: Chatbots, social media, websites, e-mail, and much more offer an opportunity to provide customers with the right service across all channels – even when multiple external suppliers are involved. That means you’ll be able to process customer and service tickets in the best way possible and finalize them in a cost-efficient manner with the support of innovative technological approaches.


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Formerly known as Gigya, SAP has integrated these functions for the secure handling of customer data into its cloud portfolio. This makes it possible to identify potential consumers across all channels and merge garnered data into customer profiles.


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