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SAP Marketing Cloud


Customer experience is delivering relevant engagements to create brand love and relationships for life

What is SAP Marketing Cloud?

A cross industry solution that enables marketing and sales teams to understand and deliver Experiences.

Based on a 360 degrees Customer View personalized profiles are made; contributing to the best customer experience possible. 

The SAP Marketing Cloud solution is divided into five seperate business scenarios. We think campaign and journey orchestration is the most interesting part of SAP Marketing Cloud!

If you are wondering what the end-to-end customer experience driven by SAP Marketing Cloud could look like, take a look at ‘The Tale of Peter’.


The Tale of peter

The business scenario’s

Dynamic Customer Profiling and segmentation

The Dynamic Customer Profiling and Segmentation scenario shows how to capture and enrich customer information and create a single view of your customers’ profile in real-time.

Campaign and Journey Orchestration

The Campaign and Journey Orchestration scenarios show how to create and run an email campaign with a service provider, such as SAP Digital Interconnect, Amazon, or Facebook.

Segmentation and Campaign Execution by Email

For the launch of a new product, the marketing expert runs an email campaign. See the following business scenario for a typical process that can be performed using apps of SAP Marketing Cloud, integrated with external email service providers, such as Amazon, or SAP Digital Interconnect (formerly known as SAP Mobile Services).

Facebook Campaigns

The marketing expert plans for a campaign to run on Facebook.

External Campaigns

The marketing expert plans for a campaign that is executed in an external system.

Trigger-Based Campaigns

You can set up automated reactions on the behaviour of your customers using trigger-based campaigns. The system then, for example, sends personalized emails when a customer subscribed a newsletter or abandoned a shopping cart in a web shop.

Google Ads and Google Campaign Manager Campaigns (Create/Assign)

The marketing expert assigns a Google Ads or Google Campaign Manager campaign to a campaign in SAP Marketing Cloud or creates a basic Google Ads campaign to run in Google Ads.

Survey with Qualtrics

Marketing experts create and send surveys to gather feedback from consumers to help them make better decisions for their products or services. A marketer can use either a third-party survey provider or SAP Qualtrics Surveys to design and send surveys to targeted customers, collect responses, and follow up activities based on the responses.

Marketing Events

For the promotion of a new event, the marketing expert views details of the event in SAP Marketing Cloud and runs a promotional campaign. See the following business scenario for a typical process that can be performed using the Marketing Events app, integrated with external event provider platforms, such as On24 platform.

Permission Marketing

Many campaign scenarios involve permission marketing. If you want to send newsletters to customers, you need their permission. You can use confirmation emails and confirmations to allow a double opt-in for permissions. See the following business scenario for a typical process involving internal landing pages.

Commerce Marketing

The Commerce Marketing scenarios show how a business analyst and a marketing expert cooperate to provide consumers with relevant product recommendations, or offer recommendations.

Lead- and Account-Based Marketing

A set of Lead- and Account-Based Marketing scenarios shows how the marketing expert nurtures the contact base, focuses on accounts, hands over qualified potential buyers to sales, as well as activities, and monitors success, driving closer collaboration between marketing and sales.

Marketing Analytics

The Marketing Analytics scenario shows how a marketing executive uses a comprehensive set of KPIs provided by SAP Analytics Cloud to check the success of marketing investments.


SAP offers various sneak peaks of the journey on the road ahead. Want to learn more on exciting new features and innovations in the time to come?

Unfortunatelly there are currently no up-to-date roadmaps available, as soon as the new roadmap is available it will be posted here.