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The tale of Peter

a SAP Marketing Cloud Solution


“ Customer experience is delivering relevant engagements to create brand love and relationships for life “



SAP Marketing Cloud offers an end-to-end user experience – just follow us when we tell the tale of Peter.

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Who is Peter? Peter is an average guy who likes to stay fit and is interested in buying some running shoes. In his search for that he stumbles upon an interesting website “SHOESFORPETER” and he decides to subscribe for their newsletter.


After a nice half hour of running on a treadmill and an advice for shoes matching his posture, weight and running style, he decides to follow up on the advice and makes the purchase.


He enjoys his shoes a lot, the weather is fine, he has time on his side; so Peter starts to work-out every day. Getting better and better at it and all his progress is stored on a personalized app.
After a few weeks he receives a push notification which informs him of more interesting features which will for sure help him to achieve his goals.

 As soon as he reaches his goal; he receives a message on his phone congratulating him. Proud on his achievements he posts the message on his social channels, which is notified by the brand as well.

This recognition is highly appreciated by Peter.