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“Experience is the best teacher!”

posted on 23-03-2017
By Ian Stuyver
Managing Consultant
Ian Stuyver
Managing Consultant

Nice to meet you!

Let’s meet up with Brian and Robin, two great interns that recently started at Elision. Not only have they been friends for almost four years, they’re also classmates at the PXL College. They are both studying for a Minor in Applied Information Technology with a specialization in Application Development.


But how did Brian and Robin end up with Elision?

Students receive a list of possible internships and the Elision assignment immediately caught Brian’s eye. After sending in his resume, he had a positive interview at the Elision offices. There was only one obstacle, it was a two-man-assignment. So he showed Robin the assignment, who was easily convinced to participate with him. 


What did the assignment actually contain?

The original idea was to create an interactive video for an E-shop where customers could see various products passing by. At the right site of the screen they could see the products shown in the video and a button to purchase. The main goal is to provide customers a new experience in online shopping.


Let’s get started!

Brian and Robin accepted the challenge and started with the analysing phase. Hereby they were able to choose a framework, videoplayer, … They also liked to take up an extra challenge and add additional features and information buttons directly into the video. So when a customer sees an interesting product, he can click on the button and see all the extra details provided. They could quickly start programming their great ideas!


And what about any difficulties?

Of course Robin and Brian already encountered some difficulties, but they just make the learning process interesting! It was hard to design the video layout and let the video work on any browser or device. However, there are always some nice Elision colleagues ready to help out!


The Elision vibe …

Robin and Brian really enjoy the atmosphere at the office. They felt very welcome from day one. It’s nice to be able to work independently but at the same time you can lean on your colleagues. The perfect mix for a good working environment and happy employees! 


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