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SAP Hybris LIVE: Digital Summit

posted on 10-03-2017
By Ian Stuyver
Managing Consultant
Ian Stuyver
Managing Consultant

“Who needs Game of Thrones or House of Cards when you got hours of original SAP Hybris content.”


Last Wednesday (March 8) we were invited by SAP in Den Bosch to join for the local get-together for the SAP Hybris Live: Digital Summit. The first online only summit from SAP Hybris with content for every audience. A cool mix of customers and partners were present to discover which tricks the SAP Hybris team had up their sleeves this time. And one of the first announcements was one that filled us with joy: the big SAP Hybris event just moved to Barcelona and will be in October this year. ¡Vámonos!


Keynote speaker was Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer at SAP Hybris, who kicked off with the strategy on how to stay ahead of the game. He emphasized the importance of agility, scalability and the ability to run at multiple speeds. In this way, you can iterate and innovate quickly at the frontend and have a stable technology environment to run your business. He made the analogy with a manual transmission with 4 different gears (5 but you’ll never go in reverse). First gear would be the ERP solution; the backend that runs the fundamentals like financials and supply chain. Shifting into second gear: the simplified front office covered by the SAP Hybris ecosystem with Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service and the new Revenue solution. 



On top of these persistent data services, we go into third gear where the innovation happens. This innovation lives mostly, but not exclusively, in the cloud and is often based on micro-services: YaaS. SAP Hybris as a Service is a set of adaptable building blocks (presented as micro-services) and can be combined to augment and build new, highly flexible solutions. The fourth gear is all about machine learning and AI. Take streams of unused data, give meaning to this information to improve and empower the customer experience. All these platform and solutions to manage your business today, and be ready to innovate tomorrow.


Five customers, from different businesses and verticals, shared their experience with SAP Hybris technology in the customer panel. But they all had the same message: these platforms drive the digital transformation and your company should be ready for a culture of change. Don’t focus on technology or remain stuck in processes but have a free mind, think about the ideal solution and then bring it back to what's feasible. Some of the lessons learned where take smaller steps, sell services instead of products and dare to try things out and make mistakes.


After the customer panel we left the live stream and got an inspirational talk from Polle de Maagt. He asked if we are really as customer centric as we say we are, and had some (remarkable, hilarious) examples from hotels, airlines and a train operator proving that there still is a lot of ground to cover towards customer centricity. With the tools available today, there is actually no excuse anymore for not being awesome towards your customers! We really lost the grocery store feeling and companies should stop blaming silos and technology and start driving the change!


In the afternoon, we took a closer look at the solutions from the SAP Hybris portfolio and got a great integrated demo from the loyalty solution; a perfect synergy between commerce, marketing and the YaaS micro-service platform. Customer could receive and redeem bonus points in Commerce, and were segmented based on point balance and status (Bronze, Silver, Gold) in Marketing. The data was stored in the cloud and everything was aligned in real-time: impressive!


Yaas modules 

This was just what we needed to get in the mood for the network drink. I saw a lot of “content” people, with fresh ideas, ready to spread them throughout their organisations. And now start to binge watch the replays from the other broadcasts from the summit. What are you waiting for?


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