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Experience management

Qualtrics XM

How do you collect customer feedback on your digital channels and why is that important?

What are the questions you can’t answer about performance of your online channels?

What are your customer pain points in visiting your website?

All  very relevant questions which are hard to answer if operational data is the only source of information.

What is Experience Management?

An effort by organizations to measure and improve the experiences they provide to customers as well as stakeholders like vendors, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Please continue to read here if you feel XM will be making the difference:

Experience management Gap Graph

Why does Experience Management matter?

It matters as there is a large discrepancy how well companies think they perform and how they actually do; the so called “Experience Gap”.

How to tackle it?

Experience Management platforms provide various services to automate the process of identifying and improving experiences across the organization.

Experience management in short

What does it do?

Connecting the X-data and the O-data. Combining operational data like costs, accounting and sales with the thoughts and emotions of the people involved. Generating eXperience data.

Operational data: What is happening?

Examples: low conversion rate, low AOV, high bounce rates

Experience data: Why is this happening?

Examples: lacking product description, strict returnconditions, difficult check-out

What software features should I think off?

Qualtrics – a SAP Software partner on Experience Management offers solutions like:

– Communications and chat integrations
– Pre-Built surveys
– Mobile in -app feedback
– Marketing integration
– Predict IQ to predict customer behavior
– Text IQ to analyze text
– Survey edior
– SAP Customer Data Cloud Integrator

How does my company benefit?

1. Insight in customer intent and affinity

2. Use customer insights for personalization

3. Monitor feedback across customer touch points on any device or channel

Eventually being able to make decisions based on rational data and customer, maybe irrational, sentiment.

Why Qualtrics?


SAP Qualtrics Digital CX delivers the most advanced technology platform, combined with the largest ecosystem of XM experts to deliver business impact, along with long term strategic value. With Qualtrics, organizations can optimize their customer digital experience across devices with advanced data analytics built to help increase purchase conversion, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Competitive differentatiors:

  • Strongest ability to execute: XM services, prebuilt industry XM solutions, prebuilt API integrations, multi-tenant cloud architecture and more.
  • Most comprehensive offering: Largest partner and SME ecosystem and only XM provider that can solve all experience challenges (customer, brand, employee and product)

Product vision & strategy: Create a single XM system of action through advanced data analytics and providing personalized focus areas through Machine Learning and AI.