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SAP Marketing Cloud Release 1908 Highlights

sep 2, 2019 | Marketing cloud, SAP CX

Whats new in SAP Marketing Cloud release 1908? In short there are 4 main changes which are explained below. If you are interested in the full release notes download them on the right.

1. Google Analytics & BigQuery Clickstream Integration Enhancement
With Google analytics & BigQuery Clickstream Integration it is possible to link your Google analytics data to your marketing campaigns. This provides a better understanding about how customers are responding to your campaigns and which actions have led to conversion.

New capabilities & features:

Create interactions on contacts in SAP Marketing Cloud based on Google Analytics data
Identify who responded to a particular email campaign, how, and when.

2. Introducing Marketing Organizer

The Marketing Organizer can be used to improve the organization of marketing objects in a folder structure. It’s possible to access all relevant marketing objects of different types from one single interface and facilitate collaborations between peers on

New capabilities & features:

Access from anywhere within Marketing Cloud, and easily create/delete/rename folders.
Add existing marketing objects such as campaigns, emails, landing page, segmentation models, and target groups as references to folders.
Navigate to a marketing object detail page from a reference in a folder.
Add URLs to objects such as notes, images, etc. to folders and navigate to these objects in a new tab via the URLs in a folder.
Collaborate with peers by sharing folders and granting proper permissions.

3. Customer Survey data integration with Qualtrics
With the Qualtrics survey provider marketers can design and send surveys to targeted customers (B2B &B2C). The survey responses can be colelcted and used to create segments based on the survey response. It helps marketters make better decisions for products or service recommendations.

New capabilities & features:

All Accounts segmentation profile is enhanced with Account Survey attributes, which support B2B scenarios to enable you to segment customers, based on the survey responses.
The Marketing Application Jobs app is enhanced with edit functionality for the retention period. With this enhancement, you can set the number of days you want to retain survey data in SAP Marketing Cloud system.
Survey ODATA API is enhanced with GET requests for Survey Metadata and Responses.

4. Import Data: New Data File Load App
The new Data File Load app in the Import Data business group provides you with an additional option to upload marketing-relevant data to your SAP Marketing Cloud system. Currently, the new app complements the features of the Import Data app. In future, it will replace Import Data.
With the Data File Load app, a marketing administrator can upload a data file in various formats (.csv, .xls, .xlsx) in a wizard-like manner. The file can include contact, account, or interaction data. The columns of the source data file can be user defined. A mapping to the standard fields of SAP Marketing Cloud is automatically proposed and can be adopted by the user.

New capabilities & features:

Intuitive mapping of source attributes from your file to the target attributes from SAP Marketing Cloud
Option to select from various character encoding standards in case your source data file is not UTF-8 compliant
Full data validation before upload with detailed warnings and error messages allowing comprehensive source data analysis, improving the quality of your business data

Want to read more? Download the full SAP Marketing Cloud release 1908 on the top of this page.

written by:

Aroen Sharma

Managing partner, Elision

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