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How to improve your (B2B) Customer Experience – Step 1/3

feb 2, 2020 | SAP CX

Customer Experience within business-to-business is a hot topic (Forbes, 2020) and as a professional you are a consumer too; experiencing all these great initiatives within B2C as well. From marketplaces to hyper-personalized mailings all these initiatives are obvious aimed at improving your Customer Experience. 

So when you want to deliver a similar B2C experience to your B2B customers, where do you start?

To make the best first step is a very challenging one. As the possibilities and B2C references seem endless. Just keep in mind that regardless of the ‘how’, most important is to recognize the necessity of improving Customer Experience. As even in 2020, this urgency of change is still not obvious to many.

Research carried out by Bain & Company among 362 organizations show that although 80% of the CEO ‘s are convinced a great Customer Experience is offered, only a shocking 8 (!)% of their customers confirm this. The only conclusion to be made is that the Customer Experience Gap is real and will probably continue to exist for the years to come.

To have a better understanding of the Customer Experience Gap within your organization, we advise to examine the Customer Experience Maturity in more detail as a first step. This great tool provides better insights on the phase of your current platform and potential organizational bottlenecks.

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Note! Keep an eye on our blog, as in February we will publish the next step: “The top 5 most important considerations on improving Customer Experience’.

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written by:
Olivier Tahey

Business Development Manager, Elision

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