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Go headless with SAP Commerce Cloud? (Re)Introducing Spartacus!

feb 14, 2020 | Commerce Cloud, SAP CX

Headless commerce is one of the top 10 trends for e-commerce in 2020. SAP has a clear path towards delivering a headless commerce solution, to prove that SAP has built an open-source JavaScript web application named Spartacus – which was initially released in May 2019.

Why go Headless with Spartacus?

For many years the e-Commerce vendors, including SAP, where delivering an end-to-end solution for e-Commerce. This offering included a proprietary storefront and Content Management System (CMS). Although most commerce solutions allowed the use of third-party storefront & CMS systems, it often required substantial amount of integration work within the implementation project.

Headless commerce breaks the tradition of packaging a commerce solution with a fully integrated storefront. The commerce solution is a set of services instead, which could be used by any front-end solution.

There are quite some benefits introduced with this approach:

  • The e-commerce services can be used by multiple customer facing solutions, delivering a true decoupled omni-channel architecture including e-commerce, native Apps or Progressive Web Applications (PWA).
  • Scalability, possibility to scale storefront and commerce independently from each other.
  • Having separate development cycles between commerce and storefront make it possible to react quicker on changes in the market and cut down time 2 market of enhancements and features.

Now, if headless is the way to go, what does this mean for existing and SAP Commerce Cloud customers? How can you benefit from this headless solution without reinventing the wheel?

Spartacus was developed by SAP Commerce Cloud team under an open source license. Customers can use the Spartacus delivered content without any additional cost. The open source model is also allowing the SAP Commerce Cloud ecosystem to contribute to the product easily, evolving the product rapidly. In fact, a Spartacus version is released every two weeks!

The current version of Spartacus is covering most of the B2C related scenarios, the upcoming releases of Q1 and Q2 will deliver many B2B specific scenarios as well, such as Quick Order, Saved Carts and B2B Checkout. For more information about the Roadmap of Spartacus, please visit the Spartacus Roadmap page.

Our Experience

Since the initial release of Spartacus the Elision project teams have closely followed the new features delivered with each release. After building an internal Prove of Concept (PoC) we worked with one of our customers called Ethnicraft to launch a first Spartacus based project, which went live in January 2020: https://www.ethnicraft.com . Based on this experience we are confident that Spartacus is the way forward for new SAP Commerce Cloud projects.

written by:

Aroen Sharma

Managing partner, Elision

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