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SAP CPI as a robust iPaaS tool for your E-Commerce platform

mei 8, 2020 | SAP CX, Tech

e-Commerce no doubt, is driven by technology and spans the use of various e-Commerce channels, such as: mobile commerce, supply chain management, Internet marketing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems. In a connected manner, every business that maximizes deliverables from e-Commerce take advantage of one or more of these channels. These channels exchange data and information across various platforms and applications to be able to respond effectively to changing market conditions, whilst delivering a highly optimized customer and user experience. At the core of the interconnectedness of these channels, processes and data exchange is integration, achieved via an integration platform.

Positioning SAP CPI for e-Commerce applications integration

SAP offers commerce solutions widely used in the e-commerce space, such solutions include SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud. SAP CPI as iPaaS tool has a strong positioning for Integrating these SAP commerce solutions with other SAP Applications, third applications, devices (POS) and web-based applications.

SAP CPI as an iPaaS tool Integration flow chart

Figure: SAP CPI as an iPaaS tool: Integrating SAP Commerce with other SAP and non-SAP apps.

SAP CPI as an iPaaS tool becomes more attractive for your e-Commerce platform, as it offers a wide range of capabilities vis-à-vis: security, connectivity, various messaging protocols, and rapid development and deployment with the use of industry standard prepackaged integration contents.

Deploying the solutions:

These solutions are readily available for deployment, offerings available for deployment are highlighted below;

SAP CPI offering is available in 2 flavors.

-SAP CPI-Process Integration (PI)

-SAP CPI-Data Services (DS)

Deployment of SAP CPI could be via a Partner’s Edition (which is not for productive use, but for SAP Partners internal use, for PoCs) or Enterprise Edition which is for productive use. Enterprise Edition the Enterprise Edition bundle includes process integration, data integration, application programming interface (API) management, and Open Data Protocol (oDATA) provisioning.

Fast-track your e-Commerce Journey:  We can help you maximize your e-Commerce journey, enabling you to respond very quickly market changes, whilst delivering the best of customer and user experience. Our portfolios and experience in implementation of SAP Commerce functionalities based on Cloud native architecture combined with vast knowledge of the Marketing APIs, gives your business an edge to expand quickly with an agile microservices. We can help you achieve robust, fast, efficient and cost-effective integration solutions, on your e-Commerce journey.

written by:

Abidemi Olatunbosun

SAP CPI specialist, Elision

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