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Let us guide you into the new world, Post Covid-19

mei 18, 2020 | Markt nieuws, SAP CX

In the beginning of 2020, everything seemed to be running fine, our economy, our health system, and the contacts with our loved ones. But after a couple of weeks we woke up in a completely different world, Covid-19 totally reorganized our way of living. In a forced disruption, it changed, our education system, the way we work (home office is now policy instead of the exception), it even created a brief hunger for toilet paper!! Companies and sometimes entire businesses totally re-invented themselves in order to survive or they even entered into alliances within businesses. Nobody asked for it, nobody liked it, but in the end it wasn’t all negative. Some changes were good and are there to stay. Changes that we maybe should have made much earlier, but never really got the attention or momentum it needed.

Covid-19 could be used as the momentum to go back to the drawing board for the purpose of growth, process efficiency or to adapt to changing markets. In a lot of cases this will result with introducing new technology.

Customer Success Management

Introducing new technology can be of great assistance when taking a next step in dealing with a more digital buying behavior, but you need more than that. The successful introduction of a more digital buying behavior is based on 3 pillars: the optimal combination of technology, the right processes and acceptance within your own organization.

Many companies select their implementation partner by looking at their technical skills and achieved successes in this area. Focus should also be given to the services they offer and the experience they have in creating the optimal combination of the three aspects as mentioned above.

During the implementation of new technology projects, Elision only settles when the newly implemented technology contributes to the success of its customer. Therefore, Elision also offers services that assist customers in making sure the project ‘as a whole’ becomes a success. This is done by aligning processes, long term targets, and clear communication in order to achieve acceptance within the organization.

Let it shine in the long run

In order to survive in these challenging times, companies ask themselves the question: “How can we continue to do business in the upcoming years.” This requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Not only the question on how-to-survive is pivotal, but equally important is the question how a company can distinguish it selves from the competition.

The digital way of doing business becomes more and more important in this new normal. Where defining a company roadmap for the upcoming years can be difficult to create, creating a digital roadmap that is aligned to this new company mission, vision and roadmap, can be even more difficult.

Elision is willing to help in this by creating a helicopter view that defines which projects and steps can be taken and what the expected result, achievement and benefit will be. In this helicopter view, technology can be aligned and combined with marketing and communication efforts. Change management within companies are now more important then ever and should be aligned and optimized with the introduction of new technology. After creating such a plan, a periodically check-up or even an update of this plan in which best practices and our knowledge from the market are combined will assure an optimal result of the effort made in order to make the company future proof.

Do you recognize the challenges above and are you willing to take the next steps within your company. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to see what the best solutions are for your business challenges.



written by:

Michel Meex

Business Analyst, Elision


Dorien Desair

Commerce Consultant, Elision

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