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It’s all about the customer experience… or isn’t it?

jun 5, 2020 | Experience Management, SAP CX

It often amazes me that when we talk about improving experiences, the majority of companies think that it’s just about the customer experience. ‘The customer is at the heart of our operation…’ or ‘We are customer centric in our services’ is often said. Although the intentions are good, the question is: Is that sufficient?

In 2018 SAP announced the acquisition of Qualtrics and completed the acquisition in 2019. Many thought Qualtrics was ‘just another customer survey’ tool, not knowing Qualtrics in detail. Getting feedback from customers is a good way to find out if you are delivering what your customer is expecting. However, the way to get that feedback is what makes Qualtrics unique. With Qualtrics Customer Experience, you are able to gather customer feedback as an ongoing process from the right people, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Instead of sending out massive surveys to a large group of customers, you are able to introduce quick and digestible feedback tools as customers engage with your brand/ stores and products.

“If you truly want to change the way your company is experienced, you also need to listen to your employees and market”

Now, if you are able to get this kind of feedback from your customers, why not do the same for your employees?

Qualtrics Employee Experience can be integrated in your HR Employee Lifecycle and even be introduced in the recruitment process. Understanding employees and improving your employee experience, will create loyal ambassadors and can help in an improved employee attrition rate.

Think that’s it? Well, apart from the Customer and Employee Experience, Qualtrics also has capabilities to enhance the brand and product experience. Marketeers struggle every day to analyze the full picture of the brand & market state. It’s nearly impossible to listen to all the different channels and put all the output together in a single overview. Qualtrics Brand Experience does just that. It can collect brand & market related feedback from external platforms, for example social media or advertising, and report it in a single holistic picture.

Getting feedback from customers, employees, market and on your brand is just the first step.

Changing your business, offering, services and/or products is the next step in the Experience Management process.

Qualtrics uses advanced text and voice analytics and automatically discovers hidden insights buried deep in customer feedback. Powerful AI and machine learning generate recommended actions, then automatically routes actions to the people in the best position to affect change.

So, to answer the question we started off with: ‘Is it sufficient to say ‘The customer is at the heart of our operation…’ I think the answer is clear: No! If you truly want to change the way your company is experienced, you also need to listen to you employees and market. You need to listen, process and respond as a continuous process. Improving the full experience, one step at the time, each and every day again.

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written by:

Aroen Sharma

Managing partner, Elision

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