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Seamless Integration of Cloud and On-premise Applications with CPI

jul 24, 2020 | SAP CX, Tech

With the rapid adoption of the cloud platform, more SaaS applications in the cloud are playing critical roles in organizations day-2-day activities and are becoming readily available. The introduction of the cloud computing technology means a shift in the level of investments by organizations in software licenses. Organizations are rapidly moving from the concept of software ownership to software rental. Connectivity and interactions between these SaaS and non-SaaS applications has become inevitable. SAP CPI as integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) for enterprise and B2B integration solutions is central in SAP Cloud Platform strategy, for connecting several SAP Cloud and non-Cloud applications, including 3rd party Applications.

Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is not PI or PO on the cloud but it is a platform that supports full integration capabilities and combines several Process Integration, Orchestration and Data Integration functionalities. It involves the creation of iFlows using Web IDE environment for end-2-end messaging and connectivity between on-premise and cloud solutions.  This is an on-demand solution with prepackaged integration content and the possibilities of enhancing these delivered contents and this can be integrated with other solutions. The cloud infrastructure is managed by SAP with fixed pricing for services consumed by each customer.

Features of SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  • SAP CPI has a multi-tenant architecture (separated firewall rules, separated system config, security).
  • Web IDE available to create and modify iFlows in the developers’ workbench.
  • Availability of UI access to modify integration flows and download prepackaged iFlows.
  • All the functions of graphical mapping are supported; XSLT mapping can also be used.
  • Existing PI content is supported and can be imported into CPI, Service Interface, Operation Mapping, Message Mappings rep. objects.
  • Connectivity Options: IDOC, SOAP, SFTP, OData, REST (HTTPS/JSON-XML) between applications. Additional connectivity options are available via third party adapters.
  • Security via Certificates based Authentication, OAuth and Basic Authentication.
  • SOAP-based and REST-based web services are currently supported, as well as OData.
  • Two environments provided to customers. To test and deploy productive integration solutions on the Cloud; these are Development and Production.
  • Periodic updates every month on SAP Side for maintenance of the cloud infrastructure.
  • Message monitoring functionalities are available on the server on which they are deployed, and artifacts are visible as well. There are different possibilities with deploying that is on different node types (IFLMAP or the AS Java Server), downloading iFlows (as zip or jar files).
  • Prepackaged contents for different industry solutions and cloud-based scenarios.
  • SAP supports all integration solutions, including first mile integration. Partners can also build connectors or adapters. Partners and customers can create integration solutions (reusable connectors and other integration logic) of their own and deploy them into the cloud.
  • Message Processing Pattern: It supports both Synchronous and Asynchronous processes.
  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) provides a new opportunity for small, medium-size, and big corporations to integrate their enterprise applications and integrate with partners at reduced costs and without investing heavily on software licenses.

SAP PI/PO End-of-Life (EOL) Announcements

Adoption of SAP CPI has become inevitable for organizations with integration solutions running on the current SAP PI/PO environment. This is due to the fact SAP has announced end of life support for SAP PI/PO. Below is an overview of this.


SAP Cloud Platform Integration tool can be deployed to address your integration challenges and help your business innovate faster. We have the capacity to support you on your integration journey. We are available for you! Get in touch!

written by:

Abidemi Olatunbosun

CPI Consultant, Elision

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