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Part 2 Insights: Marketing Cloud Integration Use Cases via CPI

apr 30, 2021 | Marketing cloud, Tech

In the first part of this article (https://www.elision.eu/2020/10/16/sap-marketing-cloud-integration-use-cases-via-cpi/), we discussed two uses cases that can help businesses in their adoption journey of SAP Marketing Cloud (SaaS) application.  To further enhance the agility of your business, this article will further discuss 2 use cases that your business can take advantage of. 

Use Case 3Permissions | Subscriptions 

Permission marketing involves the opt in/opt out by customers from the various deployed front-end platformsThey are often related to customers, giving businesses the consent to communicate with them via various media, such as emails, Facebook, mobile, etc. 
Subscriptions are related to newsletters. 

Communication is between customer and front-end and front-end provides SAP MC with input 

  • User Story 1: As a member user I want to opt-in/opt-out via my member account online so that I can receive personalized Marketing offers of my interests. 
  • User Story 2: As a member user I want to be able to make subscriptions for various contents via my member account online so that I can receive personalized Marketing offers of my interests. 

This scenario shows how to capture and enrich customer information and create a single view of your customers’ profile in real-time. Customer/member data are loaded directly into SAP Marketing Cloud (SAP MC).The aim of this is in the creation of the Golden Record or primarily the single source of truth for customer data. 

Integration via CPI:
The process of uploading/syncing of permissions/subscriptions data from the front-end is realtime using the Contacts API. SAP CPI is delivered with prepackaged contents, in which baseline flows are available for direct integration with permissions and subscriptions entities of the Contact API with SAP Marketing Cloud.  

The API OData available for this integration is highlighted below, the version can vary; depending the Marketing Cloud Release. 

API OData: 
SAP Permissions|Subscriptions| API integration  

The following API is used to create the Permissions|Subscriptions in Marketing in real-time (Sync)  

Type Method URL (Endpoint) API Documentation
OData POST /sap/opu/odata/sap/ API_MKT_CONTACT_SRV_0004   https://api.sap.com/api/ API_MKT_CONTACT_SRV_0004/resource  

Use Case 4Products 

Periodically, newly created and uploaded content available on the front-end can be replicated to SAP Marketing cloud via CPI. These products can be in various forms (videos, materials/articles) and they can be synced to SAP Marketing Cloud. When interactions are captured on customers’ activities, this can be linked in the following ways.  

  • Content/Product visited 
  • Content/Product viewed/watched. 
  • Content/Product shared

Integration via CPI:
Product data from the front-end is real time and it is inserted into Marketing Cloud via the Product API. SAP CPI is delivered with prepackaged contents, in which baseline flows are available for direct integration with the Product API in SAP Marketing Cloud 

API OData 
SAP Product API integration

The following API is used to create Products in Marketing in real-time (Sync). The product information (videos + content) is replicated to SAP CPI and propagated to Marketing Product information. 



URL (Endpoint) 

API Documentation 






Several scenarios are available in the Marketing Cloud to support various use casesSAP CPI is positioned to support the integration of these uses and scenarios between the front-end apps and Marketing cloudTo deliver memorable customer experience to your customers and members, we can support you to drive this! 

written by:

Abidemi Olatunbosun

CPI Consultant, Elision

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