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About Productsup

Productsup provides an award-winning platform for feed management, product content syndication, marketplace integration, and seller onboarding. The platform empowers businesses to take complete control of their product data and break through the digital walls that hinder growth.

With Productsup, businesses can syndicate content to digital marketing, shopping, or business channels, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, and more.

Productsup is trusted by more than 800 businesses worldwide, including 5 Fortune 20 companies and market leaders like IKEA, Walmart, Superdry, and Rakuten.


In 2009, Kai Seefeldt was running an online shop for printer supplies. He was always on the lookout for innovative ways to acquire customers. When Google Shopping launched, Kai immediately wanted to get on board – but there was a problem. He first needed to connect his products with Google’s platform. As time went on, he noticed Google favoring businesses with high-quality product data by directing more shoppers their way.

Kai wanted to find a way to connect to Google’s platform efficiently and turn average product data into something great. He started to develop the tools to do so and, soon enough, Productsup was born. Now, our platform empowers customers to integrate and prepare data not only for Google Shopping but also for thousands of other marketing, business, and retail channels.

Four steps to global syndication

Integrate: Collect and centralize data from any silo, including PIMs, DAMs, ERPs, and more.

Cleanse & structure: Eliminate errors of any kind and format channel-ready catalogs, automatically and in bulk.

Enhance: Add additional data like analytics, product reviews, or custom labels to enrich your content.

Distribute: Connect with your entire syndication network, from data pools and PIM systems to the auto-creation of BMECat, ICECat files, and more.

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