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Elision office Antwerpen

Xplore Group and Elision

Similar to the Cronos Groep Elision has been part of the Xplore Group family since Elision was founded.

With the numerous sister companies within the group Elision is truly the most diverse and possibly the largest customer experience service provider in the Benelux area. Apart from the size Elision is proud of the level of cooperation we achieve together. Although we all sell different solutions from all the big software manufacturers around the world we always find a way to be complementary to each other.

Together we are able to provide true end-to-end solutions to our customers.


About the Xplore Group

We will never stop Xploring, It’s in our DNA.

Technology has become an integral part of everyday life. 
As consumers, we spend an enormous amount of time online to access a multitude of digital services and resources. Without doubt, we can say this has been incredibly influential on how technology has evolved.

We believe that the distinct duality of marketing and technology is eroding. When used right, technology can be a major amplifier in marketing effectiveness. The solution is simple: a radical digital transformation of your businesses.

At Xplore group, clients can opt in during every stage of this transformation. In short, we choose smart, innovative, integrated and scalable solutions to cover your needs in every step along the way.

Further, we design our technologies with extreme customer centricity in mind. 
After all, a positive customer experience is the key driver for sustainable business success.

We rewrite the future, with you.

– Xplore Group, Digital Xplorers.