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product content management & DAM

Present the right products to the right customers at the right time with engaging details that drive conversion.

Consistent data is one of the major assets for every brand or company. A rich product with all the relevant information is the next best thing from a hands-on experience.

When a customer finds all this information in your store or on the online touchpoint, he will be more likely to buy, less likely to explore other options and also less focused on the price.

The quality of the product information is also important for relevant product comparison, a reliable search experience and content marketing in general.

SAP Customer Experience Product Content Management (PCM) aggregates data from different sources and allows product managers, marketers and external stakeholders like suppliers to work together simultaneously.

Flexible approval processes and workflows provide a faster time to market and quick adaption to new business requirements. Multiple catalogs can be managed and shared among the organization, offering the same consistent information everywhere.



  • Absorb internal and external product content into a single data source


  • Mass data editing
  • Product Cockpit
  • Workflow


  • Publishing content is as easy as it can be.

    Flexible approval processes and workflows provide a faster time to market and quick adaption to new business requirements.

    This overview gives you a clear understanding of the SAP Commerce Cloud releases from version 5.0 till 1905:

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