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Customer Case Maiburg

From an online order form to a future proof B2B E-commerce platform with SAP Commerce


Maiburg is a family operated company that was founded in 1886. They started out selling yarn and abrasives for the shoe industry. By now the company is ran by the fifth generation of Maiburg’s and the business has expanded its operations.

Currently Maiburg offers a complete range of materials and techniques in the field of adhesives, abrasive material, sheet material and flooring installation and finishing products.

A significant portion of Maiburg’s business is done online, therefore it was essential to create a seamless online customer journey and customer experience.


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Project goals

With the upcoming importance of customer experience in the B2B market, Maiburg felt they had to change. The old webshop or online order form did no longer meet Maiburgs, and more importantly, their customers expectations.

In the old situation the time to market for new products would sometimes take up to 3 months, this really needed to change.

The main goals for the new e-commerce platform were to:

  • Transform to a future proof B2B E-commerce platform;
  • Increase the online sales revenue;
  • Online availability of Maiburg’s entire product catalog;
  • Increase efficiency by automating the end-to-end order process.

Succes story

By integrating SAP Commerce with the SAP ERP system Elision was able to automate Maiburg’s order process. This integration brings more transparency and efficiency to the order process, not only for Maiburg, but also for their customers. Besides the customers now having insight into their own account and orders, they are also given more time to order their next day deliveries. By automating the process Maiburg is able to push their next day delivery order deadline by 2 hours!

By using the B2B Accelerator for the SAP Commerce implementation, Elision was able to implement the new platform in only 4 months. The accelerator was not only a quick way to implement SAP Commerce. It has also given Maiburg a head start with standard, important B2B functionalities.

“Together with Elision we developed a whole new webshop based on SAP Commerce, and thanks to Elision’s advanced B2B accelerator it happened very quickly! Customers can now find all relevant product information on 35.000 products at maiburg.nl.”

Maarten Maiburg

E-commerce manager, Maiburg

“The new Maiburg webshop offers the professional customer a much better user experience. The automation of internal processes reduces the workload on Maiburg’s customer service department and the new platform provides a foundation for further internationalization and additional online services.”

Raymond van de Steeg

Account manager, Elision