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Personalize customer experiences across your business
Nowadays, customers have a wealth of information and alternatives at their fingertips. Their expectations surrounding the brand experience are high and the barriers to exit are low. It’s never been harder to find and keep the customers you need to drive growth. The SAP Marketing Cloud solution helps marketers take the reins on revenue by delivering the data and analytic horsepower marketing needs, without the complexity that slows it down. It helps to deliver the experiences that customers expect by recognizing them during engagements and practicing consent-based marketing practices.

SAP Marketing Cloud brings together experience data and operational data from across the enterprise for a unified view of customers that delivers powerful insights to shape marketing strategy.

It improves marketing’s ability to adapt to changing customer needs, using machine-driven intelligence to engage with pinpoint accuracy and personalization that respects preferences, delights customers, and builds trust. And it helps marketers understand what’s working and what needs work, with closed-loop marketing measurements and user-friendly business intelligence that enables  fast, confident decision-making to optimize marketing performance and ROI.

  • Shape marketing strategy with a unified view of customers that delivers powerful insights
  • Leverage better data to understand customers
  • Optimize marketing performance
  • Orchestrate personalized customer engagements
  • Gain insight from a single view of your customers
  • Consolidate all relevant, first-party customer data 

Personalize customer experiences across your business

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