SAP Hybris Commerce


Elision believes that a commerce solution should be scalable and extendable in its core architecture. This means that the platform can grow with the success of your brand, handling more requests and transactions. Also, a generic master data model is created from the start of the project, to allow additional markets, functionality, and touchpoints at any time.

Elision uses the SAP Hybris Commerce omni-commerce solution to integrate your digital and physical customer touchpoints onto a single platform.


The buying journey of the modern consumer is complex and challenging. They explore various digital and physical touchpoints, and expect a consistent, continuous and personalized experience on mobile, pc, tablet or in the store. All these encounters can only be made relevant by integrating different systems and unifying commerce processes throughout your organization.

Our B2C solutions are created with new design standards, like responsive and contextual design and are optimized for SEO. And advanced CMS system makes sure that content can be managed and personalized without IT involvement. A powerful search and navigation engine helps your visitors to discover your products and services. In this way we make sure that all the elements and functionality is in the place your visitors expect it to be.


Modern day B2B solutions inherit a lot of functionality from the B2C sites we encounter every day. Elision uses their experience to enhance the B2B buying processes, but respecting the typical functionality that is expected by professional customers. These functionalities include personalized catalogs and pricing, replenishment orders and approval processes.

These portals can also be used as an additional communication channel for sales managers, so they can acquire a better insight in the interest and behavior of their accounts. Elements like recommendations, quoting engines and guided selling make sure that the technology is used as an extension to personal communication.