SAP Hybris Marketing

People nowadays engage and interact totally different with a brand. They are not waiting for heavy experiences, and can better be approached with multiple small interactions over time. Consistent interactions that are based on the full context of the customer, and learn from their responses to make the next contact more relevant.

Elision uses the SAP Hybris Marketing cloud suite to aggregate customer behavioral data, so you can have a real-time insight in your customers and identify individualized marketing opportunities. With a reliable and complete data set, hybris Marketing gives you control of big data and develop a single 360 degree view on your customer.

The SAP Hybris Marketing suite consist of a comprehensive set of components to acquire more insights in your customer, offer them contextual experiences and optimize your marketing with speed and agility.


Finding the right target audience is the key to a successful marketing campaign. With Segmentation, you can navigate through unstructured customer data, and create your target group through a rich user interface. Orders, product visits, abandoned baskets, wish lists, orders, … help to build more relevant product relations through Recommendations. “You might also like” was never more to the point.


Follow-up on customer actions, like reminders for abandoned baskets and back in stock messages for wish list items, can be done through Conversion. E-mail, SMS and direct mailings can be managed through Acquisition and customer loyalty programs, to improve customer retention, are created in Retention.


Planning, Orchestration and Insights help your marketers to manage campaigns, keep track of budgets, and measure all relevant KPIs. React quickly to market opportunities an optimize contact strategies so the money is spent in the areas with the most impact.