About Bloomreach

Bloomreach (formerly known as Hippo CMS) is the world's #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, allowing brands to deliver customer journeys, which are so personal that they feel like magic. It provides a range of products stimulating the personalization and growth of digital sales, including:

  • Discovery, by providing AI-powered search and merchandising
  • Content, with a headless CMS
  • Engagement, with leading CDP and marketing automation solutions

All these solutions together combine the power of uniform customer and product data with the speed and scale of AI optimization, allowing turnover-increasing digital trading experiences through every channel. Bloomreach serves more than 850 worldwide brands (including Albertsons, Bosch, Puma, FC Bayern München and Marks & Spencer). If you want more information, go to Bloomreach.com.

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The power of Bloomreach

Whereas Bloomreach Open Source used to be possible, Bloomreach is now only available on a licensing basis. Bloomreach is the market leader based on implementations and further development, combining the power between content, data and search in one single integral platform.


Bloomreach allows to provide personalized e-commerce experiences based on AI. And personalization is indispensable within the e-commerce landscape! First of all, it creates engagement, followed by inspiration. Subsequently, it leads to customer loyalty. Bloomreach provides THE software you need in order to achieve the above.

Bloomreach Content Management System

The several APIs and software solutions allow you to build the front end you have in mind. The Bloomreach CMS has been especially developed for e-commerce. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for web shops. Make good use of the already designed (e-commerce) components within Bloomreach CMS and discover the various e-commerce features contributing to the best Customer Experience optimizations!

Bloomreach DXP

The Bloomreach Digital Experience Platform serves as an integrated software framework in order to reach a broad target group across several digital touchpoints. This DXP is THE solution for building, launching and further optimizing websites, portals and apps, for instance.

Bloomreach media

Bloomreach and SAP

brX (Bloomreach Experience) is the only DXP especially built for Commerce, providing marketers and merchandisers with the tools needed in order to create interesting digital experiences and to let the turnover grow in a meaningful way. brX improves the possibilities of SAP Commerce Cloud with AI-driven modules for searching, merchandising, content management, recommendations and SEO. Bloomreach allows you to create interactive pages taking you to the next level.

This solution can easily be integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud. You can quickly start building innovative digital experiences, in addition to your existing trade infrastructure, which will deliver additional return on your SAP investment.

Last but not least: brX is a SAP approved partner solution available on the SAP extension factory!

Elision is happy to support you with Bloomreach

Bloomreach is the market leader based on implementations and further development, combining the power between content, data and searching in one single integral platform. Elision owns all of Bloomreach's product knowledge. Therefore, it can perfectly convert the customer needs into the right Bloomreach approach.

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