What is Customer Data Cloud?

SAP Customer Data Cloud is a solution allowing companies to optimize the customer experience based on the privacy and communication preferences. By adapting the communication to the customer preferences, it is constantly improving the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

The SAP Customer Data platform allows to centralize the consent management per user and to manage it across several communication channels, websites, devices, brands or regions. The visitors have full control over their own preferences in terms of privacy (cookies for data sharing) and communication preferences (newsletter subscription, SMS for offers…). SAP Customer Data Cloud stores the preferences of all customers in a database in order to have a good overview of the customers’ needs.


An important feature of SAP Customer Data Cloud is Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). CIAM allows companies to connect and communicate with their (potential) customers. Customer Data Cloud also allows companies to collect and securely store essential user data. This information is useful input in order to improve the customer experience. This way, CIAM is an important basis for SAP Customer Data Cloud (SAP CDC).

In addition to the abovementioned B2C version of CIAM, SAP Customer Data Cloud also includes CIAM for B2B. This feature allows companies to establish relationships with other companies and to transparently manage the existing relationships.


The Consent component of the Customer Data Cloud offered by SAP transparently manages the customers’ privacy preferences in order to help companies to comply with the international privacy regulations. Simultaneously, this feature ensures that (potential) customers have control over (sharing) their personal data.

Get the most out of SAP Customer Data Cloud

Within the Benelux, Elision has extensive expertise in the field of and experience with SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX), including the SAP Customer Data Cloud platform. Our specialists will be pleased to explain the benefits of using SAP Customer Data Cloud, and to get the most out of the software.

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