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SAP Customer Experience

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SAP Commerce Cloud roadmap update: explore the SAP commerce possibilities

The SAP Cloud commerce platform is constantly evolving, and this is managed in form of releases. Typically, SAP Commerce Cloud roadmap update covers three dimensions vis-à-vis: recent innovations, planned innovations and outlook. Each of these dimensions covers five...

Let us guide you into the new world, Post Covid-19

In the beginning of 2020, everything seemed to be running fine, our economy, our health system, and the contacts with our loved ones. But after a couple of weeks we woke up in a completely different world, Covid-19 totally reorganized our way of living. In a forced...

SAP CPI as a robust iPaaS tool for your E-Commerce platform

e-Commerce no doubt, is driven by technology and spans the use of various e-Commerce channels, such as: mobile commerce, supply chain management, Internet marketing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems. In a connected manner, every business...

Inside the burrow: a JRebel deep dive

So here we are again, at the beginning of a new JRebel deep dive article. In the previous article, we dove right into class loaders. What are they, what drives them and what do they aspire to be? No worries if you can’t quite remember the details. You can always take...

Press-release: Elision & Expivi enter into a partnership

Elision & Expivi partnership The two innovative e-commerce companies enter into a future-oriented partnership. Elision, the  prominent SAP Commerce Cloud and C/4HANA implementation partner of the Benelux, adds the Expivi  product visualization and configuration...

Why move? SAP Commerce to SAP Commerce Cloud migration

Some of us absolutely love it, others spend their entire life avoiding it. You might have guessed, I am talking about moving. Whether it is moving to a new house, city or job it always means things are going to change. During changes in our life we usually encounter...

Down the rabbit hole: a JRebel deep dive

We’ve all been there; we sit behind our desk thinking to ourselves “Well, here we go again” as you press the button to build your code so you can deploy the latest version to your local server. From there on it really does take a couple of minutes before you can go...

How to create a competitive advantage as a B2B company?

Easy – focus on the optimal customer experience! The careful reader of our previous blog “Content is king” already learned that centralizing product information is the first step on the road to successful B2B e-commerce. Which step do you need to take next in order to...

Go headless with SAP Commerce Cloud? (Re)Introducing Spartacus!

Headless commerce is one of the top 10 trends for e-commerce in 2020. SAP has a clear path towards delivering a headless commerce solution, to prove that SAP has built an open-source JavaScript web application named Spartacus - which was initially released in May...

How to improve your (B2B) Customer Experience – Step 1/3

Customer Experience within business-to-business is a hot topic (Forbes, 2020) and as a professional you are a consumer too; experiencing all these great initiatives within B2C as well. From marketplaces to hyper-personalized mailings all these initiatives are obvious...


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