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Understanding your customer journey is crucial. Elision can help you find the ideal approach for your:

  • e-commerce website
  • customer journey
  • GDPR-proof privacy and communication preferences
  • online and offline customer data integration

When it comes to SAP, we specialise in Commerce Cloud, Emarsys, Marketing Cloud, Customer Data Cloud and Customer Data Platform.

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Composable CX

Composable commerce (also known as the composable customer experience) is a modular ecosystem that helps you select the right commerce components, from backend to frontend. It also allows you adapt your e-commerce to your business insights and customer needs with the aim of creating unique and best-in-class user experiences.

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Basiq Dental

"Elision understood the culture of our family business. Thanks to the wireframes, we knew immediately what our new webshops would be like, which made us more confident in our decision.” Werner Kleiss, Commercial Director

WaterBear Network

"We want to offer our members and the NGOs the best possible experience. This requires a modern marketing solution that enables relevant and personal communication.” - Victor Eckard, Managing Director

Van Marcke

1 platform - SAP Commerce Cloud - to improve the employee and customer experience for +30.000 products
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Elision can support you in your composable CX needs

As a full-service CX partner, we help organisations transition to more sustainable customer experience management by offering proactive support. We scour our extensive SAP CX portfolio to offer best-in-breed platforms for solutions that take the digital experience to the next level.

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