Managed Services 24/7

Proactivity is a central element of our managed services, a feature that adds huge value to your SAP landscape. Whereas the traditional provider reacts to issues as they arise, we accurately predict when issues are about to occur and intervene to prevent disasters before they can take place.

Better to prevent than cure. By proactively monitoring your SAP CX solution, Elision can prevent a range of problems and save you money. Thinking of hiring more IT staff with specialized skills? No need! Our managed services experts take the work off your hands and become an extension of your team. Your IT staff can focus on their core functions and still be confident of a reliable infrastructure with maximum availability.


Continuous Health and Security

We perform constant health and security checks and take immediate action when necessary. We will keep you informed of all incidents and interventions through clear, concise and easy-to-understand communication. If we discover a need for structural improvements, we’ll bring you a detailed proposal without any obligation.

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Elision is happy to help you with your tech stack

As a full-service CX partner, we help companies transition to a more sustainable customer experience management by offering proactive support. We select from our extensive portfolio of SAP CX and other best-of-breed platforms for commerce solutions that will take your digital experience to the next level.

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