Faster go-to-market thanks to automated tactics

Emarsys boasts the most comprehensive and well-tested user journeys in the industry which makes it easy to align your own marketing objectives. Each proven tactic has a specific marketing objective and is based on a thorough analysis of the most successful automated user journeys to date. With these tactics you can quickly achieve your marketing objectives using an easy drag-and-drop interface and set up lead conversions or other campaigns in no time.


  • Easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Intuitive
  • Ready-to-use
  • Proven user journey templates
  • Your choice of acquisition, conversion, product data, customer Lifecyle or SAP CX
  • High time-to-value
  • Multichannel-driven
  • Customer-specific personalisation
  • Marketer-friendly AI
  • Reporting integration in the strategic dashboard
  • Simple revenue attribution

Automated multichannel experience for scalable personalisation

Automated and integrated cross-channel campaigns make it easy to engage with your customers. Enjoy a wide range of interactions (website, app, e-mail, text message, Google Ads, social media) based on AI forecasting or buyer preferences and presented in a clear 360° overview per customer.

Marketeer-friendly AI for perfect personalisation

Use the power of AI to optimise your marketing initiatives, maximise your revenues and boost customer involvement with minimal time and effort.

Strategic dashboard for more insight into your marketing goals

With Emarsys you can clearly and intuitively configure your strategic dashboard with your preferred widgets. The concise overview makes it easy to check the impact of your marketing strategies to see how they contribute to your marketing activities and your overall goal. The widgets also suggest tactics to help you achieve even better results.

With this dashboard, you can set specific objectives with predefined and automated journeys to continuously boost customer engagement.

Out-of-the-box analytics to detect opportunities

Comprehensive and out-of-the-box analytics make it easy to report on campaigns and revenues. Each strategic widget contains a detailed overview of all tactics that contribute to your marketing strategy. This allows you to monitor the development of your database, the performance of your product recommendations and the impact of your marketing campaigns to identify new opportunities for your company.

Ideal marketing block in your composable CX

Emarsys is a cloud-based SaaS platform. Enjoy the freedom of a host-free environment with automatic updates and a licence that changes with you as your business grows. Emarsys is API-based, which makes it perfect for a composable CX landscape.

Discover the advantages of Emarsys

Convinced of the many advantages of this powerful platform? Ready to streamline your marketing in one fell swoop? Elision will ensure the seamless integration of Emarsys into your current system landscape.

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