Dark patterns in practice

Based on the guidelines of the EU on dark patterns, we tackle each violation and explain how it can be done correctly by comparing two designs: one using dark patterns, and the other being the better (our) version.

E-commerce personalization: the key(s) to success

Explore ways to optimize your personalization strategy. Those who follow the right do’s and don’ts are assured of more conversions, a better customer experience, and strong retention in the long run.

Understanding dark patterns: a guide for businesses

Starting February 17th, the regulations on dark patterns will be enforced. Dark patterns are deceptive user interfaces designed to mislead users. The following guidelines will assist you in guaranteeing that your business avoids association with dark patterns, ensuring fair and transparent treatment of your users.

The making of our Artificial Digital Guide

In our making of the Artificial Digital Guide, we hope to show you the potentials and the pitfalls of AI through our application of generative AI.

What role does Emarsys play in the SAP CX portfolio?

Discover the possibilities of Emarsys and how it compares to other SAP CX solutions.

Six reasons to choose SAP Emarsys

Ready to streamline your marketing in one fell swoop? Emarsys is consistently categorized as a leader and a visionary between all marketing automation tools.