Today's customers are in full control of their online experience, effortlessly navigating from shop to shop in search of the best deals and the best shopping experience – in both B2B and B2C settings.

It's up to businesses to keep pace and deliver a high standard of customer experience. SAP CX offers a scalable platform that meets the digital needs of customers and grows seamlessly alongside your business.

By 2025, Gartner predicts that 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur through digital channels.

Customers hold the digital reins

A unique product offering is crucial, of course, but truly successful companies gain and retain their customers’ trust by embracing digital innovation and delivering a consistent customer experience.

  • Digital innovation: advanced digital platforms propel your business towards a flexible, resilient, and future-proof model
  • Consistent customer experience: personalization across all channels for the entire customer journey boosts customer engagement
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Online growth with SAP Customer Experience

Discover the competitive advantage of optimal online customer engagement with SAP CX

SAP Customer Experience

There are several SAP CX platforms to help you attract and retain customers:

SAP Commerce Cloud: for powerful e-commerce websites
SAP Emarsys
: for superior customer journeys
SAP Customer Data Cloud
: for GDPR-compliant privacy and communication preferences
SAP Customer Data Platform: for insights into customer data across all channels, both online and offline
Online Growth CX

Intelligent CX: for a flexible, resilient, and future-proof business model

Flexibility and scalability

Combine sustainable growth with quick results. Growing businesses quickly adapt to digital innovations. But how do you incorporate these into your future-proof business model? SAP CX solutions were designed to work seamlessly and gradually adapt your environment to the needs of your customers.

Customer satisfaction

Effortlessly streamline processes and workflows through automation and system integration, even in the most complex environments. Smart, targeted interactions bridge the gap between your processes and the online customer experience. The result is an end-to-end process that delivers the right product to the right customer through the right channel for an optimal customer experience in real-time.

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Integrated insights

Gain valuable insights into your online customers through data-driven analyses and optimize your business strategies and performance for increased profitability. The predictive power of AI-driven data analysis enables accurate anticipation of customer behavior, allowing you to automatically make the right decisions at crucial times. Examples include: preventing a loss of customers, timing conversions, and choosing the right products for a successful conversion.

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According to the IDC, e-commerce accounts for 40-79% of total sales in two-thirds of decision-makers, emphasizing the need for companies to enhance profitability, particularly in times of economic uncertainty and increased competition.

Why choose SAP CX?

Adaptive industry standards

Including your sector


Widely connectable

Including legacy applications

Standard integrations

24/7 support


Proven catalyst

For online growth


Streamlined order process with SAP Commerce Cloud

Sibelco was looking for a simple order process. Together, we created a user-friendly e-commerce platform that is ready for sustainable growth.


Discover the advantages for retail and end customers

A digital showroom that feels personal and interactive. We created a unique e-commerce experience for Ethnicraft, a designer furniture specialist.

Atlas Copco

A new webshop in six months

For Atlas Copco, we built a webshop in SAP Commerce Cloud that seamless integrates payments, order management, and a customer portal.

WaterBear Network

Combining content and customer engagement with SAP Emarsys

A personal and integrated customer experience is how streaming platform WaterBear Network sets itself apart. Discover the role of SAP Emarsys.

Straumann Group

A future-proof B2B platform with SAP Commerce Cloud

Straumann Group was looking for a powerful customer experience and a fast time-to-market. Together, we built a future-proof platform.

Van Marcke

Creating a user-friendly solution for Van Marcke

All product data in one place: SAP Commerce Cloud enhances the customer and employee experience at Van Marcke.

Composable Customer Experience

Build your digital landscape at your own pace, expand your platforms and functionalities step by step, and innovate faster than ever before with Composable CX – the best way to permanently transform your customer experience.

Composable CX

Are you ready for a demo on CX?

As a full-service CX partner, we support companies in their transition towards a sustainable customer experience. Elision is the first SAP CX Expert Partner in the Benelux for end-to-end digital transformations in e-commerce, marketing, and customer data solutions. We're here to assist you with your CX needs. Request your demo and discover how SAP CX seamlessly integrates into your existing tech ecosystem.

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