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As a manufacturer of exclusive furniture and decorative objects, Ethnicraft aims to provide customers with maximum comfort and convenience. Not only in terms of exquisite furniture, but also by crafting an online shopping experience that's as personal and interactive as a showroom visit. That’s what Ethnicraft had in mind when they contacted us.

Our challenge? To develop an e-commerce platform where B2B and B2C customers could instantly find what they were looking for and where corporate clients could place orders and access relevant information. Another challenge was to create a virtual translation of the showroom experience where end clients could discover products and materials and find their nearest retailer.

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SAP Cloud Platform Integration

The right partner for the right e-commerce experience

Ethnicraft wanted a streamlined and consistent e-commerce experience with the following features:

  • personalisation for all customers
  • digital access for maximum efficiency (with no printed materials such as catalogues or price lists)
  • central product management
  • live order processing for trade fairs and client visits
  • automated sales process

Ethnicraft has drawn on our digital expertise since 2019. Our extensive experience with CX was a decisive factor, as was our proactive support, our detailed plan, our B2B and B2C database, and our ability to strike the perfect balance between retailers and end customers and offer the right solution for each.

Together we opted for SAP Commerce Cloud because of SAP’s strong position in the B2B market and the fact that Ethnicraft was already familiar with SAP ERP. As a platform, SAP Commerce Cloud met the specific needs of Ethnicraft. The headless storefront and the outstanding partnership during the earlier implementation of SAP ERP were additional contributing factors.

Ethnicraft Elision 5

Shared milestones


    SAP Commerce: PIM/PCM & Catalogue

    SAP PIM (product information management) enriches Ethnicraft's products with additional content and images and its product catalogue gives potential buyers access to local pricing information and an overview of retailers that offer a ‘where-to-feel’ product experience.


    SAP Commerce: check-out process

    The B2B webshop is now complete with real-time integration of personalised prices, order history, delivery status, and credit check.


    PWA & SAP Composable storefront (Spartacus)

    We started as one of the global pioneers in PWA, and were the first in the world to implement an API-driven Spartacus headless storefront, which has since become one of the foremost technologies on the market today.


    SAP Commerce: Cloud move

    Ethnicraft moved from SAP Commerce on-premise towards the Cloud (ccv2 environment).

    From 2023 onwards

    On to the road to Composable Commerce

    More to come... stay tuned!

We chose the right product and the right partner. With SAP Commerce Cloud, Elision gave us a scalable and futureproof platform.

Michiel Van Maldeghem, Operations Director  - Ethnicraft

SAP Commerce Cloud integration

We implemented SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Spartacus as the front end for the web shop in an agile process that consisted of the following components:

  • SAP PIM (product information management) for enriching products with additional content and images.
  • Product catalogue for simple searches and a store locator that gives potential buyers access to local pricing information and an overview of retailers that offer a ‘where-to-feel’ product experience.
  • B2B webshop with real-time integration and personalised prices, order history, delivery status, credit check
  • SAP Spartacus front end
Ethnicraft Elision 7

Pioneering with PWA and Spartacus headless storefront

We replaced the existing website and catalogue with a progressive web app (PWA) that works with SAP Spartacus (now SAP Composable storefront). We chose this application to streamline the PWA and make it attractive for SAP Commerce Cloud, which resulted in a faster go-to-market. Having started as one of the global pioneers in PWA, the program has since become one of the foremost technologies on the market today.

Ethnicraft was the first in the world to implement an API-driven Spartacus headless storefront. The Spartacus front end is the first step in transitioning fully to composable commerce.

The product management of SAP Spartacus was highly supportive throughout this project. As a Benelux partner, we are part of the Early Access programme, and we find it important to be able to quickly apply new technologies for partners who can really use them.

Ethnicraft Elision 4
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Optimising the customer experience

Ethnicraft’s new e-commerce platform provides a better shopping experience for both retailers and end customers. All relevant information is centralised for both groups and is easy to access, available 24/7 and always up to date.

Advantages for retail customers:

  • Better and faster information about lead times, product details, orders, invoices and prices
  • Faster order process
  • Centralised sales tools (price lists, images, digital catalogues)
  • Extensive transport options (pick-up, drop shipment)
  • Easy order process for POS materials, samples, catalogues, etc.

Advantages for end customers:

  • Better customer journey on the website with where-to-feel functionalities
  • Better product information
  • Price information per location
  • Sale of maintenance products

A case like this shows that SAP solutions are not specific to corporate clients. It is also a valuable tool to help the middle market segment optimise the customer experience and take it to the next level.

Ethnicraft Elision 9

About Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft has designed and produced exclusive furniture and decorative accessories for more than 25 years. The collections perfectly marry natural, sustainable materials with timeless, functional design. Ethnicraft creates products for every room and space and helps clients create stylish and meaningful interiors. The furniture and accessories are available through a global network of select retailers, the majority of which are located in Western Europe and the United States.

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