SAP Customer Data Cloud: the ideal tool for safe and transparent customer data

SAP CDC is the ultimate SAP CX solution for the safe storage and use of customer data.

This Single Sign On (SSO) and consent tool for B2B and B2C clients offers a global and fully customisable CX. Not only does this improve the customer experience, it also boosts customer loyalty.

SAP Customer Data Cloud is a Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM) designed to streamline the management of personal information. This information can be obtained through progressive profiling (requesting additional information when logging in), cookie acceptance, consent data or marketing preferences within marketing automation.



Optimise the user experience with Single Sign On

The SSO functionality in SAP CDC gives your B2B and B2C clients the opportunity to access all communication channels, websites, devices, brands and regions through one-time registration. With SAP CDC, you can manage all login details and permissions in a single database for your mobile app and webshop. This also gives customers a central hub where they can manage all consent preferences for all channels.


Manage and centralise your customers’ privacy and communication preferences

The SAP Customer Data platform allows you to centralise consent management per user across different channels, websites and regions. Visitors have full control of their privacy and communication preferences, from cookie settings to notifications. SAP CDC saves all customer preferences in a central database to make it easy for you to manage.


The advantages of SAP Customer Data Cloud:

  • Increased security through multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Multi-native: one global CX for all websites, brands and regions
  • Centralised, secure and simple registration and login process
  • Single Sign On feature for all consent and marketing preferences
  • Central, secure and transparent management of customer data
  • 360° customer overview
  • Easy export of customer data in the database
  • Operates in accordance with GDPR legislation
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Elision brings customers closer to your brand.

We help you get the most out of your SAP Customer Data Cloud. Take your global customer experience to the next level with 360° customer views that align perfectly with their needs and wishes. Manage consent and marketing preferences and boost brand loyalty.

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