SAP Commerce Cloud: Empowering e-commerce businesses of all sizes

Embrace a revolutionary solution for your business management with SAP Commerce Cloud. This powerful and flexible platform offers an extensive set of cutting-edge features, unmatched scalability, and seamless integration capabilities to drive growth in your e-commerce operations.

SAP Commerce Cloud is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small SMEs to large enterprises. So say goodbye to complexity and unlock a world of accessible opportunities for your business.

From a fast go-to-market to driving revenue growth

With SAP Commerce Cloud you gain the necessary tools to supercharge your business. Unlock the path to accelerated market entry, boost your sales, and enhance your revenue growth in a few simple steps. With a wide range of powerful capabilities, you will be able to create exceptional customer experiences:

  • Ready-to-use features that cover all your needs
  • Extensive segmentation capabilities for precise targeting
  • Contextual and personalised experiences, from content management to transactional communication
  • Streamlined end-to-end buying and selling processes for customers and employees
  • Multi-everything by default: languages, currencies, brands, and storefronts
  • Scalable cloud-based infrastructure for seamless growth
  • Headless-ready API-first architecture for flexibility and customisation
  • Adaptability to accommodate your evolving e-commerce strategy as orders, customers, and products increase
  • Reliable 24/7 SAP support to ensure uninterrupted operations
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with full responsiveness and multi-device support
  • SAP Composable Storefront for customisation with modern technologies
  • Robust online self-service capabilities for efficient issue resolution and customer support

With an extensive array of out-of-the-box modules and extensions, you will be able to seamlessly elevate your commerce experience. SAP Commerce Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that cover everything you need:

  • Product Content Management (PCM): easily manage and organise your product content from one place
  • Web Content Management: effortlessly create and manage captivating web content
  • Search and Merchandising: optimise your search functionality and deliver personalised shopping experiences
  • Order Management: streamline and automate your entire order management process
  • Promotions: create targeted promotional campaigns to drive customer acquisition, retention and loyalty
  • Mobility: engage customers across devices, providing a true mobile shopping experience
  • Personalisation: deliver tailored recommendations, content and offers to boost your sales
  • Integrations: seamlessly connect and integrate with your existing systems and applications
  • Customer Service: empower your customer service with all the necessary tools and capabilities
  • Platform: leverage a robust and scalable platform to ensure stability, security, and future growth
Commerce Capabilities

Composable Commerce lies at our core

Commerce is deeply ingrained in our DNA. From Hybris to SAP Hybris to SAP Commerce Cloud and from Accelerator to Headless Storefront to SAP Composable Storefront, we have always been at the forefront of empowering businesses in their commerce journey. Today, our portfolio encompasses not just commerce but also marketing solutions (SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Emarsys), customer data management (SAP Customer Data Cloud and SAP Customer Data Platform), and other best-of-breed solutions (Algolia, Contentful, Mirakl, and many others).

With our extensive expertise, diverse portfolio, and commitment to innovation, we are dedicated to helping our clients unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success.

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