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An overview of the SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud features

SAP Commerce Cloud (SAP CCV2) is the leading customizable business solution for e-commerce. This platform provides the most suitable solution for B2B, B2C and B2B2C companies looking for just that little bit more: a complete SAP solution with a guarantee of success.

The integrated PIM (PCM), especially developed for enterprise customers, ensures that even the most complex products can be managed. The centralization of the product data in PCM allows you to provide the same data through all channels. This consistency guarantees your customers that they will always receive the right information.

Strong personalization leads to a better emotional connection with your customers. That strong connection is a proven factor in order to increase the average order value and quantity of orders. SAP Commerce allows you to personalize any experience in real time: searching, promotions, categories, merchandising, recommendations… SAP Commerce Cloud offers you anything you are looking for.

With SAP Commerce Cloud, you can enjoy all the benefits cloud and microservices have to offer. The partnership between SAP and Microsoft Azure allows you to enjoy an optimal infrastructure with a guarantee of availability. Elision takes care of the entire SAP Commerce Cloud implementation and is a recognized SAP CX implementation partner.

Finally, you can use the flexible storefront SAP Spartacus; a free, open-source Angular progressive web application. The use of Spartacus has many benefits. The 100% API-driven approach reduces the interactions between front and back end. The headless architecture ensures a strong focus within the development teams. Full-stack developers are no longer needed. Thanks to the headless design, the storefront is separated from the back end. This way, scaling is no longer a problem. Consequently, this SAP Commerce Cloud solution is ready for heavy load and traffic.

Main benefits of Sap Commerce Cloud

  • Contextual, personalized and relevant customer experiences
  • Turnover increase
  • Agility and flexibility in order to test and innovate
  • Accelerates the time to deliver added value
  • Low total cost of ownership

Our SAP Hybris Commerce solutions have been designed for organizations of all sizes and types: small growing B2B companies, large and worldwide consumer brands and retailers, non-profit organizations, local government services… The SAP landscape offers several solutions and features, matching the size and maturity of various B2B companies.

The product highlights of SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Headless storefront
  • Advanced search and filter options
  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Shopping cart, wish list, check-out
  • Catalogues in many languages
  • Workflow management
  • Managing web content across several channels
  • Full order history
  • My account
  • Support for various sectors
  • Content (including features, images, editorial content and videos)
  • Full responsive, multi-device and future-proof check-out


SAP provides several sneak peaks. Would you like to know more about exciting new features and innovations within the SAP cx landscape? Click on the buttons below for more information about:

The SAP Commerce Cloud Roadmap, telling more about the highlights within various product domains:

  • Core Commerce
  • Spartacus JavaScript Storefront
  • Core Commerce services
  • Context-driven services
  • Extensibility and integrations
  • Cloud automation

The Core Commerce Roadmap provides insight into the trade modules, APIs, Product Content Management and Backoffice Enhancements.

The SAP Commerce Portfolio & Release Strategy provides more insight into the complete SAP CX portfolio and the update cycles.

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Sap Commerce Cloud implementation with Elision

The implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud ‘Hybris’ has many benefits for B2B organizations. Elision would be pleased to inform you about the latest SAP Commerce Cloud developments and to think along with you about the possibilities for your organization. In addition, Elision ensures an efficient and successful transition towards SAP Commerce Cloud. This way, SAP Commerce Cloud implementation problems can be prevented and organizations are being supported to improve the Customer Experience they are providing. Contact us in order to discuss the possibilities and opportunities of Sap Commerce Cloud for your organization!

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