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Emarsys delivers the predictable, profitable results your company requires, by providing the personalized omnichannel experiences your customers deserve.

Data from e-commerce, apps and physical stores are connected through the Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) to the automation layer marketeers use for campaigns and channels. Automated campaigns measure the turnover increase achieved and help you to generate conversions increasing the customer value in the long term.

Emarsys Automation has been built in order to speed up the time-to-value. In the first place, by allowing marketeers to seamlessly manage their omnichannel communication from one platform onwards. In the second place, by automating A/B testing and AI-led optimization in order to stimulate the conversions across different channels.

From one single interface onwards, we configure an advanced customer journey for each scenario. It’s very easy to add channels in order to optimize the engagement.

Personalization isn't only about content; it's also about the timing of each message. Make sure your message reaches your customers when they are most receptive to it!

Emarsys Tactics provides complete automation workflows based on use cases having earned their spurs in the industry. Emarsys Tactics comprises end-to-end journeys including triggers, segments, personalization and even inspiring campaigns in order to get you started. Tactics is based on use cases at leading brands, optimized for specific goals and ready to make the difference in every channel.

Send Time Optimization continuously calculates the optimal time required to send each message. The AI-driven option increases the average ‘engagement rate’ by 10% over a six-month period and leads to a turnover growth of 3,76%.