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The Emarsys evolution

The Emarsys evolution is characterized by the shift from a standalone experience platform to a fully omnichannel customer engagement platform. Meanwhile, Emarsys has been taken over by SAP and is part of the SAP customer experience suite, which is an important milestone. SAP invests a lot in the further development of the platform, especially in terms of features meeting the needs of B2B parties. Some examples: improving matters with regard to the lead generation (investments are also made in the link with Salesforce) and links with the CRM. Now, the focus especially lies on personalization and merchandising.

Emarsys has several CDP features, as it is an integral part of it. This way, personalizations based on website behavior can be applied. Tracking at individual level is also possible, which is also necessary to personalize your offer based on customer behavior. Emarsys has created a very extended marketing automation tool allowing to align different marketing campaigns in a targeted way. The main difference between Emarsys and its competitors: it uses first-party data, which is characterized by collecting and retaining data in-house.

Emarsys customer engagement platform

The data from e-commerce, applications and physical stores are connected through the Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) with the automation layer marketers are using for campaigns and channels. Automated campaigns measure the achieved turnover increase and help you generating conversions that will increase customer value in the long term. Therefore, the Emarsys marketing automation software is extremely suitable for various companies.

Emarsys Automation has been built in order to accelerate the time-to-value. Firstly, by letting marketers seamlessly manage their omnichannel communication from one platform onwards. Secondly, by automating A/B testing and AI-led optimization in order to stimulate the conversions across different channels.

From one single interface onwards, we configure an advanced customer journey for each scenario. It’s very easy to add channels in order to optimize the engagement.

Personalization isn't just about content; it's also about the timing of each message. Make sure your message reaches your customers when they are most receptive to it. Emarsys marketing automation software is perfectly suitable for this.

About Emarsys Tactics

Emarsys Tactics provides complete automation workflows based on use cases having earned their spurs in the industry. Emarsys Tactics includes end-to-end journeys containing triggers, segments, personalization and even inspiring campaigns in order to help you getting started. Tactics is based on use cases at leading brands, optimized for specific purposes and ready to make the difference in every channel.

Send Time Optimization is continuously calculating the optimal time to send each message. The AI-driven option will increase by 10% the average ‘engagement rate’ over a 6-month period and lead to a turnover growth of 3,76%.

As a Gold Partner, Elision can help your company with the right fit in terms of solutions and pricing. This way, Emarsys provides several solutions that will take your platform to the next level. In addition, Elision would be pleased to tell you everything about available features and APIs such as SAP Commerce Cloud.

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