Customer experience as a life journey

SAP CX is more than CRM – it’s a life journey. SAP Emarsys helps your customers navigate the life journey of your brand while helping you keep in touch with your customer base and optimise your marketing activities. This, in turn, helps you achieve predictable and profitable marketing results. Emarsys therefore ensures superior customer engagement throughout the entire customer journey.

Omnichannel campaigns ➡ automation ➡ one-on-one personalisation

Emarsys is the lifecycle marketing platform with the most pre-built customer journeys. You can benefit from the efficiency gains these journeys have demonstrated in various lifecycle phases and sectors. Use fully integrated data to create automated omnichannel campaigns for each phase of your customer journey. The machine learning tool ensures one-on-one personalisation throughout your customer journey optimisation process.

Detailed analytics and AI forecasting

SAP Emarsys creates predictable and profitable growth through AI. It uses data from your customer base, e-commerce platform, catalogue, online events, APIs and other external sources to identify, segment and analyse customers, personalise content and make AI calculations, among other things.

It adapts the customer experience based on collected customer data and predictive data. SAP Emarsys can predict how much customers are likely to spend, which products to display, and when to send an e-mail. Identifying, reaching, retaining and winning back customers while building a loyal community has never been easier!

Integration with SAP Commerce Cloud

Together, SAP Commerce Cloud and Emarsys form the SAP Digital Experience Platform (SAP DXP). In just a few clicks, you can integrate Emarsys and your webshop in the SAP Commerce.

Extra intelligence through CX integrations

With Emarsys, you can easily integrate other SAP and composable CX solutions.

The SAP Customer Experience Tactics are being expanded to include out-of-the-box automations with other products in the SAP CX Suite, such as SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud.

Emarsys Account Engagement is a typical B2B add-on that enables businesses to easily track and analyze the engagement across all channels. Businesses can then target specific accounts based on those engagement levels, and thus create personalized account-based campaigns for them. This B2B add-on runs and integrates seamlessly with SAP Sales Cloud.

Getting started with Emarsys

Do you want to expand your tech stack and upgrade your marketing with this powerful tool? Elision guarantees seamless integration and a smooth start.

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