AI Strategy

As artificial intelligence continues to take the world by storm, Elision stands at the forefront of this transformative movement. We are eager to illustrate how our team, together with our customers, has strategically devised solutions to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.

Through our strategy discovery service, we help you create a C-level overview of how AI impacts your organisation. Once identified, we guide you in strategically positioning your approach to AI, leveraging insights from reputable sources like Gartner. The goal is to establish an AI lighthouse for your employees which aligns seamlessly with your company's vision.

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Future-proof AI foundation

The AI race is far from over.

Are you willing to bet on how the future will unfold? Keep in mind that such speculation could lead to later reconsideration, carrying unforeseen consequences.

Learn how to construct an AI foundation that is resistant to the uncertainties of evolving industry trends. Develop a future-proof plan that empowers your entire organisation to become an intelligent enterprise through a platform that supports the core principles of AI TRiSM:

  • Trust
  • Risk
  • Security Management

Have you considered the importance of topics such as curated data, the effect of hallucinations, or social engineering? These are pivotal aspects that may significantly impact your AI strategy.


AI applications and usage

Already built a strong AI foundation? Excellent! Let us support you in extending and optimising your AI applications. While AI applications can be both engaging and costly, Elision can steer you toward a cost-effective, business-driven strategy that addresses Gartner's two major AI playgrounds:

  • Everyday AI is focused on productivity. ​
    Everyday AI liberates us from monotonous tasks, acting as our supercharged productivity partner to facilitate faster and more efficient work. The primary focus of Everyday AI is to amplify the efficiency and productivity of our ongoing activities.
  • Game-changing AI is focused on creativity. ​
    Game-changing AI is geared towards fostering creativity. It achieves this by either enabling the creation of new results through AI-enabled products and services or by establishing new pathways to generate results via AI-enabled core capabilities. The incorporation of game-changing AI is poised to disrupt not only business models but entire industries.
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Elision is happy to navigate your AI challenges

As a full-service CX partner, we help companies transition to a more sustainable customer experience management by offering proactive support. We select from our extensive portfolio of SAP CX and other best-of-breed platforms for CX solutions that will take your digital experience to the next level.

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