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Project goals

In order to reach and attract as many potential members and offer them a tailored selection matching their interests, SAP Marketing Cloud was chosen.

Via CPI (cloud platform integration) WaterBear can connect to the streaming platform to collect customer data, as well as connecting to all social channels. The functionality and magic within SAP Marketing takes care of personalization.

The project focused on the configuration of SAP Marketing Cloud and integration with Axonista (a streaming platform), Firebase (an app), Facebook, Google Ads, and Amazon.




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SAP Marketing Cloud

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Firebase app

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Google Ads

We want to offer our members and the NGOs the best possible experience. This requires a modern marketing solution that enables relevant and personal communication.

Victor Eckard, Managing Director - WaterBear Network

Success story

After a few months it became clear that integration with the streaming platform was the critical factor, and that all the other integrations were taking a long time.

For that reason, it was decided to split the project in half and create two milestones instead of one, prioritizing the most important functionality.

The soft launch of the project included a full configuration of SAP Marketing Cloud and an initial email campaign to welcome early subscribers, allowing the marketing team to gear up and spread the news about the initiative with appealing images and content.

The hard launch, with all integrations working and SAP Marketing Cloud further optimized with trigger-based campaigns, followed two months later.

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Water Bear3 About
Despite the challenges that come with working remotely and social distancing, we managed to collaborate closely with WaterBear on the implementation of SAP Marketing Cloud. One of the successes is that we delivered a working and accessible environment and all the required integration APIs within a month of starting the implementation phase, by using our agile project approach and starting out with sprints of a week.

Che Pang, Project Manager - Elision

About WaterBear Network

WaterBear Network is the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet.

The platform offers inspiring content and uses innovative technology that facilitates positive action. It collaborates with a global network of more than 70 NGOs, including Greenpeace, the WWF and the World Fair Trade Organization. WaterBear enables viewers to take immediate action to support these charities and contribute to a better future for this planet.

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