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Paula's Choice, a leading skincare brand, has been committed to research & formulating effective products, empowering people to make educated skincare decisions.

The innovative and highly customer-focused brand has a rapidly growing customer base and prioritizes customer satisfaction. To enhance its digital marketing strategy, it plans to increase email subscriptions and improve the customer experience. Additionally, it seeks to provide a seamless one-to-one personalization across their website and email channels.

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The challenge

Paula's Choice Europe required a powerful marketing automation platform that could manage the complexities of their customer data and drive personalization in the European markets. They selected SAP Emarsys, a leading customer engagement platform, as their preferred tool. Paula’s Choice partnered up with Elision, a digital transformation and customer experience expert, to help them unlock the full potential of their marketing efforts.

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After migrating to the Emarsys platform we were looking for a partner to help us unlock the full potential of the platform and help us bring our customer retention strategy to live, while being able to connect to our company’s agile way of working. With Elision we found this partner. They supported our strategy and growth while working closely with the team and finding suitable solutions for the various questions and ideas we have.

Leonie Jonker, Senior Manager Retention Europe  - Paula's Choice Skincare

The solution

Elision and Paula's Choice worked very closely together to further optimize the SAP Emarsys platform, developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase subscriptions and deliver personalized experiences. The solution included the following key components:

  1. Advanced customer segmentation: Elision helped Paula's Choice optimizing their segmentations in Emarsys. The segments are based on behavior, preferences, and demographics, enabling more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.
  2. Personalized website experience: Elision guided the optimization of webchannel assets focusing on the existing content, product recommendations and connecting with customer behaviour and needs. With this, Paula's Choice is continuously using SAP Emarsys's real-time personalization capabilities based on unique customer profiles and behavior.
  3. Targeted email campaigns: Elision improved and executed multichannel, personalized automated campaigns leveraging customer segmentation and individual preferences, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.
  4. Ongoing optimization and support: Elision provides ongoing support for the Paula's Choice team, continuously improving their marketing strategies and maximizing the benefits of the SAP Emarsys platform.
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The results

By optimizing SAP Emarsys with Elision's expertise, Paula's Choice achieved significant results, including:

  1. A substantial increase in the number of marketing opt-ins, enabling Paula's Choice to expand its customer base, improve retention rates and boost revenue.
  2. Enhanced personalization across both the website and email channels, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  3. Improved engagement and conversion rates due to a multichannel approach.
  4. Streamlined marketing processes and more efficient use of resources, thanks to the automation of campaigns and processes and the multilingual and omnichannel capabilities of SAP Emarsys.

The partnership between Paula's Choice, Elision, and SAP Emarsys optimized the brand's digital marketing strategy, driving growth and strengthening customer relationships. In addition it has extended the capabilities to bring the strategy to live.

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Unlock the full potential of Emarsys

Want to learn more about how SAP Emarsys can help your business achieve growth and deliver personalized experiences to your customers? Visit our Emarsys CX solution page to discover how our expertise in digital transformation and customer experience can help you unlock the full potential of the Emarsys platform.

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