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As an industrial mineral producer, Sibelco serves a wide range of companies in various sectors. The current method of ordering materials relies on a customer service representative manually entering each order – a cumbersome, time-consuming and repetitive process, especially for smaller orders with simpler transportation flows.

This prompted Sibelco to seek out an e-commerce platform that would give visitors easy access to the catalogue and price lists, and allow registered customers to place their orders in just a few clicks. Elision implemented this platform as part of a wider business automation initiative.

This platform and other additional features will be rolled out in all the countries it serves. The ultimate goal is to fully automate the order process with a user-friendly e-commerce platform.

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First steps in SAP Commerce Cloud

Sibelco partnered with Elision to implement SAP Commerce Cloud. We started by rolling out the system in one region in northern Spain with a limited range in order to facilitate the purchase of smaller orders.

To further automate its business processes, Sibelco has successfully integrated SAP Commerce Cloud with its existing systems. These include SAP S/4HANA (ERP), Salesforce CRM and other specific tools developed by Sibelco and other parties. This integration took place through SAP CPI.

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Implementation and integration: a race against the clock

The tight deadline made this project particularly challenging, considering the start in the middle of 2022 and the fixed deadline end of November of the same year. We delivered features in 9 bi-weekly sprints, which Sibelco then extensively tested.

We had to act fast in our collaboration with Sibelco and other parties specialising in SAP CPI and Salesforce CRM. The solutions had to be integrated into the project and aligned with Sibelco’s business processes.

To ensure a smooth integration and to minimise complexity for the client, we employed a strategic approach, beginning with the user experience (wireframes) and then moving on to process evaluation. Through workshops, clickable prototypes, comprehensive documentation and process insights, we provided a clear understanding of the impact on their ERP-system.

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Working with the Elision team has always been in a great atmosphere. There were challenging times but the team was always able to inform us about the proper way forward without compromising on the tight deadline but still within the standard and SAP-advised way of working.

Frederic Verstraeten  - Sibelco

The key to smooth implementation

Even with a tight deadline, we were able to maintain our high-quality approach and our clear documentation and working method. We used and further refined several proven processes. Throughout the project, we communicated transparently with Sibelco and kept them updated on our progress.

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Shared milestones



    With our design-driven approach, we took up technical workshops & design simultaneously to speed up.


    Go-live in northern Spain

    Implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud in the whole country & integration with the existing ERP- & CRM-systems.


    Go-live in Spain

    Implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud for the plants in Arcos, Arija, Castellet and Nules.


    Continuous improvements & rollout in the EU

    The focus stays on continuous improvements on the journey of Sibelco's customers, Sibelco's future growth and the expansion of the SAP Commerce Cloud platform to additional regions in the EU.

Continuity and future plans

The partnership between Sibelco and Elision is characterised by a focus on continuous improvement and future growth. A country-wide rollout is anticipated in mid-2023, which will expand the implementation of the SAP Commerce Cloud platform to additional regions. Furthermore, ongoing efforts are being made to introduce additional features that enhance the customer experience (CX) during the order process.

By continuously adding new functionalities and optimising the platform, Sibelco aims to provide its customers with enhanced convenience and satisfaction throughout their order journey. With a shared vision of delivering exceptional digital commerce solutions, Sibelco and Elision continue to strengthen their partnership and drive innovation in the mineral industry.

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About Sibelco

Sibelco sources, refines and distributes industrial minerals worldwide with a focus on silica, clays, feldpathics, olivine and glass recycling. The company supplies raw materials for applications that support modern life, from drinking water sanitation and photovoltaic technologies to flame retardants and smartphones.

Founded in 1872, Sibelco initially supplied the Belgian glass industry with sand from deposits in Flanders. Now, 150 years later, the company employs more than 5,000 people at 120 production sites in 31 countries. Sibelco serves companies in a wide range of industries, from glass, ceramics and construction to coatings, polymers and water purification.

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