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Project goals

Van Marcke is the largest technical wholesaler in Belgium and Luxembourg for sanitary products. It is also active in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Malta, and the United States.

The company decided to implement SAP Commerce Cloud suite, starting with the SAP PCM module.

Van Marcke ipad


  • Reduce the time needed to enter a new product on the system to one-fifth of the time needed previously
  • Provide easy access to all product data (including pictures, documentation, etc) for everybody within the company
  • Ensure European data classification standards are fully set up and that any necessary future modifications can be easily made
  • Maintain more and richer product data by the same number of people
  • Allow the tool itself to support data quality through quality rules and dashboards


  • Collect and aggregate product data from multiple sources onto a single platform
  • Create and enrich product data and catalogs using one central tool
  • Allow users to collaborate by using workflows to handle product data
  • Build in data quality across all levels of validation rules
Van Marcke 2

Success story

Today, the solution is used daily by the three product data teams in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Malta to maintain approximately 30,000 active SKUs.

In the future, it will support more than 600 (sales) people with accurate and up-to-date product data, including pictures, technical documentation, links to alternative items, etc.

Additionally, the platform is becoming the single source of product data used by other applications and it supports European data classification standards such as ETIM and GS1.

Van Marcke 3