In the first example you are bombarded with a lot of information. This has the effect of the user not interacting with the data at all and thus not getting the information he/she needs.

The second design is more concise and therefore easier to understand. Plus there is a link to a separate page with extensive information, only available if desired.

Look over there

The second violation is about the clear green primary button. It screams “look here and click on me”. It is not illegal to use primary and secondary buttons but the way this is setup, is questionable.

This primary button is clearly the button that is most beneficial for the business of the site, not the user. What actually will happen by clicking this button is that every checkbox above will be checked and thereafter submitted.

Hidden in plain sight

The “Accept selected cookies” is obviously made more toned down than the other option. This is called “hidden in plain sight” and is considered a dark pattern because it is unlikely that the user emotionally chooses this link over the green button.

Our design handles each option equally to each other, not accentuating one option above the other.

Other improvements

It is a best practice that the website can be interacted with without accepting or declining the cookies. In the first design everything but the pop-up is disabled.

Don’t give the user to many options to choose from. This will lead to confusion. Our design clearly has two options. In the first design, a lot more options are present with the checkboxes.

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