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Until 2022, pharmacy group Medi-Market had focused primarily on physical points of sale, with e-commerce making up a smaller proportion of their activities. But with online shopping becoming increasingly popular in the pharmacy sector, Medi-Market wanted to shift to a digital shopping experience and offer a wide range of online pharmaceutical products. In order to generate more income through online sales, Medi-Market wanted to expand its webshop, invest in new search features and improve its customer experience.

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In search of a cure

When Medi-Market approached Elision for a new webshop, we were immediately faced with a number of challenges.

Strong competition

Competition is fierce in the online pharmacy sector, with several key players already active in the market. A customer-centric shopping experience is one of the most important ways to differentiate.

Overcoming obstacles on the webshop

When we first partnered with Medi-Market, we encountered numerous obstacles on their webshop impacting user experience and business results.

To address these challenges, we developed a plan together to restore stability to Medi-Market's digital presence without creating additional problems for their existing systems.

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Outdated system

The Medi-Market webshop was running on a relatively old version of SAP Commerce and could use an upgrade. The new features required to improve the user experience took a sizeable bite out of the budget.

Marketing Cloud

The marketing team at Medi-Market was already familiar with SAP Marketing Cloud but looked forward to using more advanced features and customisation options.

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We love working with Elision because they stay true to their values. They are experts in their field, they critically reflect on problems to find the best possible solution, and they follow up on issues properly. Their expertise and openness inspired a lot of trust.

Valérie Van Kerckvoorde, E-commerce Manager  - Medi-Market

Algolia and Emarsys offer relief

With this project, we wanted to create stable business processes for the Medi-Market webshop and improve the shopping experience for customers.

After a long stabilisation phase to streamline these processes it was time to optimise the search engine – one of the most important parts of a webshop. We simply used an API to adapt the search engine to display more targeted results. The implementation of Algolia sped up the search process and gave customers more relevant results. The better the experience for customers, the higher the sales figures for Medi-Market.

The Medi-Market marketing team also switched to Emarsys for their newsletters and marketing campaigns.

We organised a workshop to teach the team how to set up these e-mail campaigns. Emarsys has many more marketing functionalities, which will be implemented in a subsequent phase.

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As a guide and a partner, we help our clients achieve their goals by offering a professional, efficient and yet personal approach with a clear focus on transparency.

The collaboration and communication with Medi-Market went smoothly. Given the challenges we had to overcome, we couldn’t be prouder of gaining their trust and guiding them in the right direction.

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About Medi-Market

Medi-Market Group is active in the pharmacy and parapharmacy sector. With more than 55 sales points and seven institutes in Belgium and Luxembourg, Medi-Market boasts an extensive and affordable product range. The group is expanding its online presence with the aim of providing a digital shopping experience and making its products available to people who are unable to shop in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Medi-Market wants to make its comprehensive range of superior products and services available to as many people as possible by offering the lowest prices. Medi-Market also has an informative blog with health articles written by experts.

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