Give your UX a boost with My Portal

Self-service software is a great way to boost your customer experience, drive user productivity, and provide easy automated access to services and resources.

My Portal is a web-based platform that allows users to access and manage their information, accounts and services independently and without assistance. Our custom-built solution delivers a first-class user experience and responds intuitively and quickly to the questions and needs of your employees and customers, every day.

My Portal Elision

Composable comfort

Our platform is fully composable, which means:

  • you can design the portal in line with your brand
  • you receive a fully responsive platform
  • your users enjoy fast loading times
  • …and a 1-2-1 experience

The past of self-service

Self-service portals have been around for a while. And it shows. Most self-service platforms serve as reminders of long-lost glory. Their outdated user experiences, long loading times, brand inconsistencies and legacy codebase are often a recipe for disaster.

However, a new generation of digital users is relying on self-service more than ever before. They want it at the touch of a button – so they can enjoy the same seamless experience they’ve grown accustomed to in their daily online lives.

In other words: it’s time to step up your self-service game.

My Portal BE 2

The future of self-service

Self-service portals are a critical touch point in your composable landscape if you want to turn one-time customers into lifetime customers.

So, to offer a future-proof solution for all your self-service needs, we need to think ahead. Customer expectations evolve as quickly as the technology they use. That’s why Elision envisions a self-service portal that:

  • is an ambassador of your brand
  • is the reason your customers log in online
  • is lightning fast
  • offers a personalized experience
  • gives your customer service the time to focus on added value tasks
  • is 1 touch-and-go on every device

Today and tomorrow.


Easy, integrated, secure

Whether you’re a customer or employee, My Portal offers you all the information you need. From dashboard overviews, to tracking individual orders, to a personal chat with customer service. The easy-to-use UI enriches marketing and customer service departments with topics such as lead engagement, customer support, and reporting.

Looking for a stand-alone or an integrated platform? The choice is yours. Thanks to Elision’s composable approach, it’s quick and easy to integrate My Portal into your landscape. Rather start from scratch? My Portal can be the starting point of your digital journey or an extension of a broad digital environment.

Access and security are vital to self-service portals. That’s why we decided to secure logins with specialized partner software and single sign-on (SSO). Keeping every piece of customer information safe and secure.

The UX you deserve

Elision’s portal concept is designed to bring the ‘X’-factor back to self-service portals. Quick, snappy, easy-to-use, fully customizable … and 100% secure.

It’s the UX you and your customers deserve.

Elision is happy to help you with your tech stack

As a full-service CX partner, we help companies transition to a more sustainable customer experience management by offering proactive support. We select from our extensive portfolio of SAP CX and other best-of-breed platforms for commerce solutions that will take your digital experience to the next level.

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